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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


We have had a total of ten different area installations, as widely varying as production units and research and development or technical planning.!

The overall results have been that now, as the project is drawing to a conclusion, the savings achieved have already at this point exceeded the cost of the project by over siz times.

I sincerely recommend an IMPAC project for anyone interested in not only quick improvements but continuous progress and development in the future.

Lasse KurkilahtiPresident and Managing Director Nokia Tyres (Nokian Renkaat Oy)NOKIA

Kimberly Clark Gmbh

The installation areas involved are Sales, Marketing and Logistics. The new systems installed allow a better planning and controlling of the variances. Managers as well as Team Leaders are getting more control of the areas and start to take corrective actions. The introduction of such elements as variance reports, management reports and review meeting in all areas support the managers to improve performance.

We are benefiting to a large extent from the installation of the forecast process as well as from the new budget process and the resulting detailed customer plans for each customer and product group. Common focus is set on the profitability and costs, ensuring that spendings will be allocated to their utmost potential.

 During the project IMPAC also accompanied us in the effective restructuring of the organization, which we implemented with excellent results.

Rolf BrackGeneral ManagerKimberly Clark Gmbh

Samick Indonesia, Pt.

At the completion of PT. Samick-IMPAC program, the following are the achievements attained:

  1.       Reduction of material consumption
  2.       Increased productivity
  3.       Savings guarantee had been met 16 times during project time. End of project recovery is 90%.
  4.       Return on investment is 339%

The biggest achievement is the change in thinking, awareness and responsibility of not only the Executives and Managers, but also of the supervisors and the Foremen.

Our supervision is now doing more active direct supervision and less hourly work in managing their respective areas. Management tools have been installed to help distinguish responsibility clearly for each department. No more firefighting, but coordinating together to figure out solutions.

Steve KimPresident DirectorSamick Indonesia, Pt.

The First National Glassware, Pt.

At the completion of PT FNG –IMPAC Program, the following are the achievement attained.

1. The biggest achievement is the change in the thinking, awareness and responsibility in all level of management from executive, mid management until Group Leader.

2. Tremendous improvement in inter department communication, in which improve overall management performance to overcome barriers & problems.

3. Increase Yield of Glass Production from ave. 76.26 INTO ave. 80.20%

4. Reduce Waste

5. Reduce Downtime

6. Reduction of overtime
7. Cum Savings until week 40 which has exceeded the investment fee (192%)”

Wahju HanafiChairmanThe First National Glassware, Pt.

PHI – Poh Huat Furniture Ind. Vn. JSC.

Simply speaking, I am impressed.

Productivity in our two production lines has increased significantly, and we are enjoying savings that are well above the plan presented by IMPAC after initial analysis. Improvements in systems and productivity have also helped to increase our quality.

Mr. Toh Kim ChongGeneral ManagerPHI – Poh Huat Furniture Ind. Vn. JSC.

K&H Bank

As the project draws to a close I want to thank you and all Impac colleagues for a job well done.

We consider that the approach has not only been able to help us realize opportunities of efficiency improvement but has also helped bring about a change in mind set on the part of the leaders of these units.

John HollowsK&H Bank

U-tech Media Corporation

U-tech Hwa-Ya plant has experienced a successful improvement in productivity. Also, it became a group with the highest yield rate among the industries.

  • The yield rate of DVD rose from 73.10% to 89.22%
  • The yield rate of CD rose from 89.5% to 96.22%
  • Utilization of machinery rose from 80% to 86%
  • The average output per worker rose from 68,749 PCs to 101,889 PCs
  • The ROI of the project was 1651%

Rock KuanPresident, Global Manufacturing Business UnitU-tech Media Corporation


Scope was to substantially redesign the administration process and therewith reduce the headcount & cost in the administration and sales back offices. The project was conducted in due time and produced substantially savings.

Alain BEYENSZone President CEE!nBev

Gunaparamita Primasatya, Pt.

I am surprised to see what has been developed by IMPAC and I did not expect to have such tremendous improvement on the floor level. Simply speaking, IMPAC Program is not just about achieving results but more about teaching how to get results.

1. SAP realtime re-implemented at all areas of the company.

2. Balance Output between Corrugator to converting area, increase Finish Goods on time delivery to customer from 20% into 100%. Production Planning move into Just In Time method.

3. Close Coaching to supervisors so that they able to take corrective & preventive action follow RACI.

Wilfred Hanafi President DirectorGunaparamita Primasatya, Pt.

VARTA Batteri AB

The need to increase our productivity and to reach shorter and safer delivery time led to a corporation with IMPAC.

The project has now been completed and the results have loved up to our expectations. New routines have been established, the connected training has given a clear change in attitudes.

Olof EkelundManaging DirectorVARTA Batteri AB