Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Solaris Bus & Coach

We see the improvement everyday. IMPAC’s team showed us hidden opportunities, which we did not see before and show us capability of our people by increasing their involvement. IMPAC team cooperates with all levels of our management very professionally and helps us to structure responsibilities at all levels. Our managers see now new opportunities for their departments and the whole company. People started working as a team, are more involved in their every day tasks and are happy when they see improvements.

The IMPAC operation covered the determination of precise operational goals for all management levels, optimization of planning process and resource allocation, implementation of control, performance follow up and reporting tools, and as the most important point improving information flow channels and personal responsibilities.

Krzysztof OlszewskiChief Executive Officer Solaris Bus & Coach


This investment was very good value for money and that the decision to start had been correct. We have seen very significant savings and have also created, with the active help and support of the IMPAC team, a new management structure far more suitable to our needs than the previous one.

Marek GrabowskiChief Operating OfficerPilkington

Versowood Oy

Versowood started the creation and implementation of a new management system, together with IMPAC in the fall of 2004, with a goal of increasing productivity and improving the quality of products as well as the operations along the entire cycle. The activities, profitability and quality of the group are being monitored through a reliable weekly reporting system created during the project. Through the management system the operations in the different production unit has become more standardized, giving the organization the opportunity to operate uniformity.

A clear management system also provides the company with the tools for further development, either through expansion by corporate takeovers or through other organizational growth-tools.

The financial gains brought the project were, thought measurements, an ROI over 290% as was projected in the beginning. We have been pleased with the project, IMPAC’s commitment to us as well as their through and practical was of operations.

Pekka KopraVice-PresidentVersowood Oy

Silja Line

With the support from IMPAC, we have been able to install a Management System which enables detailed control of the operation. The Management System provides the management with relevant information for efficient utilization of the Sales organization in Silja Line Skandinavien. The System has been installed in Phone Booking, Ticket offices, Teminals, Marketing and in Sales Promotion departments.

Your management training, supplied by your team, has raised the skills level of our supervisors and managers to a point that enables them to solve problems and manage their areas more effectively. This increased our ability to identify and realize opportunities at each sales point.

Thomas LepistoManaging DirectorSilja Line

CAUTRE Export Goods Processing JSC.

Having worked closely together with IMPAC, CAUTRE has made significant achievements:

  • Significant Behaviour Change of top executives, managers and supervisors
  • Management Systems have been reinforced and developed significantly
  • Better Control of Product Quality
  • Managers and supervisors are more pro-active ; working more systematically ; and more efficently
  • Company’s output increased by 15 %
  • Return on Investment (ROI) is 285 %

Ms. Tran Thi Hoa BinhGeneral DirectorCAUTRE Export Goods Processing JSC.


During the IMPAC project we implemented several system tools in each department that enabled us to look at quality on an hourly and daily base. Our managers, supervisors and quality auditors were trained to use the quality management system implemented.

As a result, we are able to identify quality issues in the department where it happens before it proceeds to the next department or before it reached the end of the process. This has decreased the cost of scraped and reworked parts in each department. Scrap has decreased significantly. Rework levels have improved slightly and it is due to the fact that more parts are being reworked instead of scraped.

Currently we can see the improvement in efficiency in our production which has increased on average from 100% depending on the department. In some departments efficiency increased up to 27%. At the same time we have reduced lost and non productive times.

Steffen BinoderPlant ManagerNovem


What do we feel IMPAC have achieved? In terms of meeting the objectives we could summarise as below:

  • Improved visibility of projects
  • Improved forecasting, planning and follow up of work
  • Improved prioritization
  • Development of cultural change
  • Improved communication between departments
  • Improved teamwork
  • Improved accountability of staff

A.J. HindManaging Director Siemens Measurement LimitedSIEMENS

Veropharm, OAO

To achieve the goals of the project it was necessary to make changes in the way our managers, supervisors and production staff thought about their roles in our operations.

Changes in behaviour and newly implemented management systems allowed for achieving the goals determined at the beginning of the project:

  • Productivity increased in all departments by 9% to 30%
  • Overtime hours consumption was reduced by 8% to 10%
  • The throughput on the 10g ampoule line increase by 40%

Reporting systems was improved in a way that all variances and arising problems are immediately identified and corrective actions are taken.

Anton ParkanskyGeneral DirectorVeropharm, OAO

Chong Wah Plastics Sdn. Bhd.

Your personnel assigned to our project are qualified and capable of carrying out the IMPAC Program successfully. The first installation of the IMPAC system in production department has brought about satisfactory results.

 The communications training workshops have succeeded in improving the confrontation and problem solving capabilities of the supervisors.

 We would be happy to recommend IMPAC to those companies interested in achieving improved profitability through increased productivity and cost savings.

Wee Hong ImChairman & Managing DirectorChong Wah Plastics Sdn. Bhd.


New management systems for production and maintenance were developed, and tactical and technical workshops were conducted with our personnel. IMPAC identified unnecessary down time in machines, and optimum production line configurations and timing were quickly established by working very closely with our personnel.

Positive behavioral change was apparent in numerous supervisors at an early stage; but this change was of greater prominence and significance towards the middle and end of project.

Improvements in efficiency started in the first few weeks of the project, and savings started to flow in at the same time. Upon reaching two-third of the project, savings were already well above the cost of the entire project.

Hiroshi TeradaManaging Director Sharp Roxy Electronics Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.SHARP