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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Laboratoires FujiFilm S.A.

We are approaching the end of our first Project, and I am pleased to express my complete satisfaction concerning the achieved results in three of our major sites. IMPAC has brought us success, thanks to the implementation of a simple yet efficient management operating system, complemented by individual training for managers and supervisors.

The excellent cooperation between the IMPAC team and our management has generated a true dynamics for change in our company. Our personnel is now focused on reducing operating costs in their day-to-day activities. Processing coherent and appropriate management tools, we have finally accomplished a dream which has been ours for the past 20 years: our managers’ behavior has evolved considerably, and we have now the tools to identify variances and to take corrective action in real time and on a continuous basis.

Claude DavelayChairman of the boardLaboratoires FujiFilm S.A.


The IMPAC team came into our company with great enthusiasm and commitment, working closely with our managers and supervisors, and leading them to see that problems are opportunities for improvement if analyzed and confronted.

In more tangible terms, IMPAC has also proven to achieve monetary savings, quality improvements and productivity gains. We were aiming for a significant increase in production output and with the stimulus of the IMPAC team, we are well on the way to our target and our management team is confident of achieving it. Quality has also seen a tremendous improvement since IMPAC started working with our people in this area.

Tadahiko EndoManaging Director, Fujitsu Component (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Fujitsu

Latinusa, Pt. (Krakatau Steel Group)

As for the results, it is quite obviously seen and felt in our bottom-line. As in any business prone to mood swings in the market, we too had our fair share of up and down moments but in the end I can say we had achieved the set targets of 100 % payback in pocket and an annualized savings of 300 % by end of the project.

I am very satisfied with the behavior change of my people.

I have personally benefitted from going through this IMPAC project. I now know it is possible to measure performance at the point of execution through selective key performance indicators.

Ahmad BananiPresident DirectorLatinusa, Pt. (Krakatau Steel Group)

Brigantine Services Limited

Our production and inventory management process have changed almost completely during the course of the project, and we now have the foundation and methodology in place to perpetuate further improvements in the months and years ahead. We are also ready to capitalize on the improvements to outperform our competition and truly create an edge with our customers.

We have noted a marked behavioral improvement across our supervisory levels as well, largely spurred by training sessions of the project in conjunction with a robust dialogue between your IMPAC team and our associates.

The pay back has been substantial and we will benefit even further in the future as we continue to build on the foundation now laid down.


Bjørn HøjgaardBrigantine Services LimitedBrigantine Services Limited

Cermai Makmur Abadi Intl., Pt.

As a result of the work with the IMPAC team during this period with the management team as well as with the supervisors on the floor, we are able to achieve tangible results, such as:

  1.       Project Cum Saving now already exceeds the total cost of the project. Savings guarantee has been met 26 times during project time, end of project recovery is 210%.
  2.       Cum Annualized Saving ROI is 287%
  3.       Labor utilization was increased 40%, from 6.8 USD
  4.       Improved communication between departments
  5.       Skill training program
  6.       Management skill training.

By inviting IMPAC into CMAI, we have made improvement and good preparation to a brighter future.

Theresia O. SutamanDirectorCermai Makmur Abadi Intl., Pt.

Chaz OAO

The program encompassed a diverse range of the activities within our organization including all administrative departments (finance, accounting, HR, sales etc) and supportive areas (warehouse, maintenance, transportation). The program also allowed us the opportunity to start thinking about our current organizational structure and the activities towards restructuring it will start soon.

From skeptical start, I am pleased to report that the program has exceeded our expectations not only with regard to what has been achieved to date but the opportunity it has provided us.

The financial benefits generated during the program will provide us with a 2:1 return on our investment and this amount will rise in the future. More significantly is the change in the behaviors of our people.

Clarity if objectives, meaningful measurement of achievement and a proactive approach to daily problems together with improved communications are the major results from the behavioral change of our employees.

Semion MlodikGeneral DirectorChaz OAO

Karn Corn Co., Ltd.

With the support and guidance by IMPAC, we were established our company goals and expectations, and rolled it down to all management levels. The improved management system helped supervisors to control operations at the point of execution. Furthermore, the installed controls made our people more aware of the cost implications of lost time, rejects and scrap, thus making them proactive in addressing such problems.

The financial benefits generated during the program were impressive. We got back a return on investment 325%.

Siriwan TangcharoenchaichanaManaging DirectorKarn Corn Co., Ltd.

Gatra Mapan, Pt.

In a short period of time, IMPAC team has found improvement opportunities that provide savings potential through the increase in productivity, with main focus in behavior change and control mechanism.

The following are the improvement achieved, even before completion of project :

  • Increase in output by 32%
  • Reduction in overtime by 10%
  • Reduction in rework by 20%
  • Reduction in dead” stock by 27%

This is a blessing. We are greatful with the achievement.

Anton WijayaPresident DirectorGatra Mapan, Pt.

U-tech Media Corporation

U-tech Hwa-Ya plant has experienced a successful improvement in productivity. Also, it became a group with the highest yield rate among the industries.

  • The yield rate of DVD rose from 73.10% to 89.22%
  • The yield rate of CD rose from 89.5% to 96.22%
  • Utilization of machinery rose from 80% to 86%
  • The average output per worker rose from 68,749 PCs to 101,889 PCs
  • The ROI of the project was 1651%

Rock KuanPresident, Global Manufacturing Business UnitU-tech Media Corporation

South Pacific

ViscoseIMPAC ACCESS utilized various diagnostic techniques and information from the initial Analysis of our company to tailor a series of workshops specifically designed to address our weaknesses and to develop our personnel.

The workshops were conducted for all levels of management. This laid the foundation for a common management approach throughout the organization.

With a multi-cultural management team of Indonesians, Indians, Austrians, and others learning together in the ACCESS Workshops, a strong sense of teamwork is developed based on mutual respect and a common purpose of collective success. We have a vision of our future and are confident of our ability realize that vision.

Mr. Craig BarkerPresident DirectorSouth Pacific Viscose