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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Samick Indonesia, Pt.

At the completion of PT. Samick-IMPAC program, the following are the achievements attained:

  1.       Reduction of material consumption
  2.       Increased productivity
  3.       Savings guarantee had been met 16 times during project time. End of project recovery is 90%.
  4.       Return on investment is 339%

The biggest achievement is the change in thinking, awareness and responsibility of not only the Executives and Managers, but also of the supervisors and the Foremen.

Our supervision is now doing more active direct supervision and less hourly work in managing their respective areas. Management tools have been installed to help distinguish responsibility clearly for each department. No more firefighting, but coordinating together to figure out solutions.

Steve KimPresident DirectorSamick Indonesia, Pt.

NESTLE (Goplana S.A.)

The installed Energy and Production new systems,  as well as reinforcement training program have brought many positive changes in the factory, outlined hereinafter:

  • The new heating control system helped us to reduce local consumption due to the reduction of losses and increased efficiency of system consumption.
  • The new electricity control system.
  • The improvements have brought the 10% rework reduction and more efficient follow up on production process.
  • We have increased production norms and reduced the direct workload in the production area, which allowed us to slash the production costs.
  • The training sessions for middle management and supervisors have already benefit with the positive behaviour change and expanded managing skills.

Wiktor KurasiakManaging DirectorNESTLE (Goplana S.A.)


We invited IMPAC to help us to improve the business processes in the accounting department, taking into consideration the following goals:

  • to optimize the internal business processes of accounting department of Dunaferr
  • to explore the possibilities of SAP system so that it could be used to the maximum possible extent in the new optimized process
  • to determine the necessary headcount with the installation of a management system
  • to bring beforehand the month-end closing period

 As a result of the review and optimized and integrated activities, with the full agreement of the supervisory and middle management, in case of the daughter companies, more than 60% headcount reduction has been identified.

As the result of the Business Process Reengineering activity, additional 13% headcount reduction potential has been identified. The business process reengineering steps contain SAP modification, organization improvement and several other implemented management tools.

Natalya V. BashynskaChief Financial OfficerDunaferr


An important feature of our cooperation with IMPAC is the fact that the systems which are being installed are not typical but they are being developed taking into consideration specifics of the company, involving are managers, supervisors and top-management into the process of development and agreeing.

We have managed to achieve fully or partly our goals: productivity in ampoules workshop has increased by 25%, reduction of energy consumption turned to overachieve the forecasted goal almost by 3 times and reached 17%, effectiveness of materials utilization in workshops improved by 2%. In week 13 of the project annualized savings reached 180% of project investment.

Olga SemerenkoExecutive DirectorArterium

VARTA Batteri AB

The need to increase our productivity and to reach shorter and safer delivery time led to a corporation with IMPAC.

The project has now been completed and the results have loved up to our expectations. New routines have been established, the connected training has given a clear change in attitudes.

Olof EkelundManaging DirectorVARTA Batteri AB


We have invited IMPAC to conduct an analysis of our newly reconstructed sales department in Automation Division of ABB Group Polska. The sales concept we have implemented last year needed totally new approach to the internal communication, control tools put in place and systems of management in order to achieve goals in this highly competitive environment we operate.

IMPAC people not only mapped our systems and procedures, but also evaluated our sales force on the road, in their natural working environment.

We had intuitive feeling, now confirmed by IMPAC analysis results, that still a lot is to be done in our sales structures, especially as it refers to training and coaching.

What is the most important however, IMPAC has not only showed us gals in existing system and areas for improvements but also gave us practical hints as well as designed new tools that will serve our management to establish ABB brand on the Polish market for years.

Janusz Petrykowski Vice President of the Board Automation Division ABB Group PolskaABB


During the IMPAC project we implemented several system tools in each department that enabled us to look at quality on an hourly and daily base. Our managers, supervisors and quality auditors were trained to use the quality management system implemented.

As a result, we are able to identify quality issues in the department where it happens before it proceeds to the next department or before it reached the end of the process. This has decreased the cost of scraped and reworked parts in each department. Scrap has decreased significantly. Rework levels have improved slightly and it is due to the fact that more parts are being reworked instead of scraped.

Currently we can see the improvement in efficiency in our production which has increased on average from 100% depending on the department. In some departments efficiency increased up to 27%. At the same time we have reduced lost and non productive times.

Steffen BinoderPlant ManagerNovem

U-tech Media Corporation

U-tech Hwa-Ya plant has experienced a successful improvement in productivity. Also, it became a group with the highest yield rate among the industries.

  • The yield rate of DVD rose from 73.10% to 89.22%
  • The yield rate of CD rose from 89.5% to 96.22%
  • Utilization of machinery rose from 80% to 86%
  • The average output per worker rose from 68,749 PCs to 101,889 PCs
  • The ROI of the project was 1651%

Rock KuanPresident, Global Manufacturing Business UnitU-tech Media Corporation

Total Bangun Persada Tbk, Pt.

“IMPAC has improved our management system so that we have better control on our projects, specifically in Site Management, Engineering and Commercial departments.”

There is also significant behavior change from our supervisors and managers in their work approach. They have better planning and proactive in solving problems.

I believe that we will able to continuously reduce the material wastage in the future as now we have better control system on material usage, specifically in concrete and steel.

I am also pleased with the Progress Alert Program as it has encouraged our people on continuous improvement.

Janti Komadjaja, MScPresident DirectorTotal Bangun Persada Tbk, Pt.

Solaris Bus & Coach

We see the improvement everyday. IMPAC’s team showed us hidden opportunities, which we did not see before and show us capability of our people by increasing their involvement. IMPAC team cooperates with all levels of our management very professionally and helps us to structure responsibilities at all levels. Our managers see now new opportunities for their departments and the whole company. People started working as a team, are more involved in their every day tasks and are happy when they see improvements.

The IMPAC operation covered the determination of precise operational goals for all management levels, optimization of planning process and resource allocation, implementation of control, performance follow up and reporting tools, and as the most important point improving information flow channels and personal responsibilities.

Krzysztof OlszewskiChief Executive Officer Solaris Bus & Coach