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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Nahm Sanitaryware Co., Ltd

As we have seen, the managers and supervisors have improved the control of their operations, and now have a much greater awareness of their performance. We are now able to better communicate goals through all levels of the company, plan our resources according to our real needs, follow-up to ensure the plan is executed and tackle all variances to plan. As a result of the reporting system installed and the key performance indicators tracked, our people are now very much focused on taking preventive and corrective action promptly.

As a result of the ACCESS Communication and Leadership training that has coincided with the installation of the Management Control System, we have noticed a positive change in the supervisors’ behaviors. The IMPAC team was worked very closely with our people throughout the process, to ensure a successful transfer of skills and methodology, ensuring ownership on the systems installed.

Natacha PhenjatiPresidentNahm Sanitaryware Co., Ltd

Adi Putro Wirasejati, Pt.

During the project the following results were achieved:

  •  Significant behavior change of managers, supervisors, foremans and operators.
  • Dramatic improvement of control at point of execution in production lines (action log, MOT and KPI).
  • Annualized saving representing 260% return on our investment.
  • Reducing Lead time in Bus Production from 62 days/unit to 39.5 days/unit.
  • Reducing Lead time in Minibus production for ELF type from 51.3 days/unit to 40 day/unit.
  • Lead time improvement in design engineering for new model from 56.6 days/unit to 36.5 days/unit
  • Quality improvement in Welding Department from 79% to 87%
  • Quality improvement in paneling department from 64% to 82%
  • Increase Productivity in terms of manhours from 12 hours/day producing 1.5 unit/day into 10 hours/day producing 2 units of buses.

By inviting IMPAC into our company, we have made improvements to face global competition and we feel ready to face the globalization era.

Simon JethrokusumoPresident DirectorAdi Putro Wirasejati, Pt.

Royal Porcelain Public Company Ltd.

When we started the program, there were three overall objectives

  • Provide Managers with the essential management fundamentals
  • Create and organization climate where Managers are continuously instilling the passion, energy. Enthusiasm and edge.
  • Turn Managers into potential Business Leaders.

All the objectives were met as promised and most important the enthusiastic and energy now been demonstrated by staff who successfully completed the program.

The program has also invigorated the staff interest in effective project management, creativity, responsibilities and accountability.

Vanchai TosomboonManaging DirectorRoyal Porcelain Public Company Ltd.


We can now say that the savings achieved have certainly made the project worth while and that furthermore changes in attitude that cannot easily and immediately be translated into monetary values have been considerable additional benefit.

Herbert W. FuchsOesterreichische Nestle Geselschaft m.b.h.NESTLE


This program constitutes the implementation of a Management Control System in our organization. I’m satisfied with the activities performed and results achieved in order to reach our objectives in reducing cost and in improving communication within our organization.

With this my people are more pro-active and very conscious to reduce the operating cost of the company.

Kuni FukushimaPresident Director Pt. Omron Manufacturing Of IndonesiaOmron

HID Corporation

I continually speak to both my staff’s about passion and “owning their work”, repeatedly asking them to treat the business as if it was theirs. I have used IMPAC as an example, a number of times, when speaking of passion.

IMPAC’s efforts go beyond the incredible hours they keep. The IMPAC team has worked its way into the fabric of my organizations and in both of them has become a trusted confidant of my managing staffs. This I believe is the true gift. My people bare their professional should to the IMPAC team members, out of wanting to be better and to make every effort to not disappoint them.

You should know that I was one of the three decision makers to bring IMPAC on board at HID. I was a bit of a skeptic. Two months into the implementation we purchased our biggest competitor, my first phone call was to IMPAC saying I wanted a team with me from day one to help me understand and scale the new business. IMPAC was there to insure a successful transition.

I am a true believer; your process has been a great lesson in the leadership of change.

Steven J. WagnerPresidentHID Corporation

Versowood Oy

Versowood started the creation and implementation of a new management system, together with IMPAC in the fall of 2004, with a goal of increasing productivity and improving the quality of products as well as the operations along the entire cycle. The activities, profitability and quality of the group are being monitored through a reliable weekly reporting system created during the project. Through the management system the operations in the different production unit has become more standardized, giving the organization the opportunity to operate uniformity.

A clear management system also provides the company with the tools for further development, either through expansion by corporate takeovers or through other organizational growth-tools.

The financial gains brought the project were, thought measurements, an ROI over 290% as was projected in the beginning. We have been pleased with the project, IMPAC’s commitment to us as well as their through and practical was of operations.

Pekka KopraVice-PresidentVersowood Oy

Antara Steel Mills Sdn. Bhd.

An impressive show of professionalism was the flexibility of the IMPAC staff moving from air-conditioned room with suits to hot furnace area with blue foreman uniform. This has made my people on the floor feel very comfortable, creating a conducive atmosphere for major behavioral change.

I am seeing the combination of trained supervisors, procedural controls and systems, and Coordinators to take over the role of IMPAC after the conclusion of the project.

The above have resulted in savings achievements as committed by IMPAC in the installation areas so far and with two more installations to go, I am expecting further savings to fulfill my return on investment of at least in the neighborhood of 3 to1.

Tuan Haji Wan Abd. Ghani Bin AhmadManaging DirectorAntara Steel Mills Sdn. Bhd.


An important feature of our cooperation with IMPAC is the fact that the systems which are being installed are not typical but they are being developed taking into consideration specifics of the company, involving are managers, supervisors and top-management into the process of development and agreeing.

We have managed to achieve fully or partly our goals: productivity in ampoules workshop has increased by 25%, reduction of energy consumption turned to overachieve the forecasted goal almost by 3 times and reached 17%, effectiveness of materials utilization in workshops improved by 2%. In week 13 of the project annualized savings reached 180% of project investment.

Olga SemerenkoExecutive DirectorArterium

KT-Datacenter Oy

With IMPAC’s help we have made significant changes in our activities by standardizing working methods and tools.

We have succeeded in reducing overtime hours by better planning and follow-up. At the same time we have increased the productive work rate of individual employees. Productivity has increased because the employees have now very clear and measurable goals.


Jorna KielennivaManaging DirectorKT-Datacenter Oy