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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Tollpost Globe

We launched two programs called “NY TID” 1& 2. Both programs focused on productivity improvements and tangible results in the area of Terminal operation, Local distribution, B2B and reduction of fixed costs in administration. The IMPAC Program supported especially Terminal Operation and Local distribution and helped to reduce frictions caused by the tough actions required.

In addition key meetings on Executive level and the Operational side as well as on the Sales side had been monitored and coached. This feedback opened communication channels within the organization and allowed us to further progress.

What we find today is now a group of Depot Managers who appear to be much more self- assured and consistent in their actions compare to half a year ago. Also Teambuilding has arrived on the agenda and is now seen as a skill to nurture.

Our productivity improvement at the Terminal operation reached 12% despite the fact we changed the base level, because we integrated all personnel working for the Terminal operation into the indicator colli/manhour. Local distribution gained 7% of increase on stop/car. Both developments gave us improvements in the height of 2 digit million NOK.

I can recommend IMPAC to all companies who are interested tin tangible results and genuine productivity improvements.

Robin OlsenManaging DirectorTollpost Globe


I am satisfied with the results of the IMPAC/SEI project. What I found most valuable as the result of project are as follows:

  • locals at the manager level have began to take initiatives to take steps for solving the problems in their areas on their own
  • Operators are more aware about lost time related to productivity
  • Operators and management are mutually working together to create a better working environment.

As for the final result of the IMPAC project, which has been to improve our employees productivity performance up to around 15%, and we look at these improvements as an excellent return on our investment through implementation of the IMPAC program.

Akira TakadaPresident Director Pt. Sony Electronics IndonesiaSONY

Transportes PITIC

Together with the IMPAC team we successfully developed and installed management systems in our Sales and Maintenance Areas and we are finalizing the systems in the systems in the Logistics and Warehouse Areas. Key indicators have been defined that allow us to make better decisions about our business. Since we have multiple locations spread throughout Mexico, the consistency that was established as part of the system important to us.

The Access training was a major support for the systems that were designed and installed in each of the areas.

In addition to the efforts mentioned above, IMPAC has greatly contributed in defining a more efficient organization chart for my company.

Jorge Cons FigueriDirector GeneralTransportes PITIC


The program is total approach which encompassing area development, base development, and access training. It is diversified enough to cover the main production elements of man, machine, material and method as well as an in-depth insight in terms of product, process and system.

The Access management training has been closely tied to the new systems installed. The training has made supervisors and managers more measurement oriented, proactive and sensitive in dealing with their daily jobs and established better communication among departments.

K. IdenoManaging Director, Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries Singapore Pte. Ltd.Panasonic

McDonald’s Italia

As result of this co-operation we have increased productivity in the restaurants overall by 21%, at the same time increasing sales and achieving 1,5 million euro in annualized savings, that were clearly identified in our P&L reports.

These results have been brought about mainly through implementing better behaviour on the floor and improving our planning and communication practice. By extensive system development, training through the Access workshops and support by the project team, we carefully cleared problems from the way of achieving our final goals. The achieved behavioural change and improved communication resulting from the project will enable McDonald’s Italy to continuously improve its organization.

Mario FedericoChief of OperationsMcDonald’s Italia


New management systems for production and maintenance were developed, and tactical and technical workshops were conducted with our personnel. IMPAC identified unnecessary down time in machines, and optimum production line configurations and timing were quickly established by working very closely with our personnel.

Positive behavioral change was apparent in numerous supervisors at an early stage; but this change was of greater prominence and significance towards the middle and end of project.

Improvements in efficiency started in the first few weeks of the project, and savings started to flow in at the same time. Upon reaching two-third of the project, savings were already well above the cost of the entire project.

Hiroshi TeradaManaging Director Sharp Roxy Electronics Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.SHARP

Thai Cubic Technology Co., Ltd.

Certainly, in order to efficiently run an organization, systems and tools are needed. We have 5S activities, Kaizen Activities, ISO9000/14001 and will certify TS16949 in a few months. We found that many of them didn’t contribute much to the efficiency or quality of production, but IMPAC program have provided us with the system and tools that fit well together and which directly related to production control and improvements by our workers.

The IMPAC Program have unleashed our workers potential and directed these potentials into ideas and actions to achieve our goals and save operational cost directly and indirectly.

Pitsnu ChokwatanaDirector and Factory ManagerThai Cubic Technology Co., Ltd.

Pahala Kencana, Pt.

IMPAC has delivered tremendous improvement in productivity by increasing number of buses available by 20 %, starting week 6 instead of week 10 of the project as promised.

In addition, I can see obviously behavior change of key persons within our organization on supervisor and manager level. They now understand the important aspect of their daily business tasks in order to get the job done.

The achievement that we have reached is considerably excellent.

Bambang T. TedjokusumoPresident DirectorPahala Kencana, Pt.

VARTA Batteri AB

The need to increase our productivity and to reach shorter and safer delivery time led to a corporation with IMPAC.

The project has now been completed and the results have loved up to our expectations. New routines have been established, the connected training has given a clear change in attitudes.

Olof EkelundManaging DirectorVARTA Batteri AB


Through the application of sound management fundamentals, such as establishing our vision, mission, and expectations, mutually agreeing to those expectations, following up on performance, properly identifying and quantifying variances, we are learning to make the changes required to accelerate and perpetuate a working environment of continuous improvement.

Our management team is improving our controls over the operation of IRR and have a greater awareness of our own performance and that our subordinates. This is leading to performance improvement throughout our entire IRR organization.

  1. Management meetings are much more efficient.
  2. We are learning the most effective ways to handle issues and how to confront people over compliance, planning for a win-win situation more often.
  3. We are seeing behavior changes in individuals, dramatic in several cases by following IMPAC recommendations.
  4. Our employees are becoming more proactive through the systems of tools.

Mark KurthGeneral Manager, IRRFedEx