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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Brigantine Services Limited

Our production and inventory management process have changed almost completely during the course of the project, and we now have the foundation and methodology in place to perpetuate further improvements in the months and years ahead. We are also ready to capitalize on the improvements to outperform our competition and truly create an edge with our customers.

We have noted a marked behavioral improvement across our supervisory levels as well, largely spurred by training sessions of the project in conjunction with a robust dialogue between your IMPAC team and our associates.

The pay back has been substantial and we will benefit even further in the future as we continue to build on the foundation now laid down.


Bjørn HøjgaardBrigantine Services LimitedBrigantine Services Limited


I can say that we have achieved the targets laid down at the beginning of the project: installation of the management systems and identified operational productivity increase of 30%. I appreciate the hard work and perseverance demonstrated by your staff. They met stiff skepticism from our Finance staff, most of whom were never before exposed to appropriate management systems during their careers.

The installation of new management systems, and a new attitude towards effective management could not have been achieved without your professional assistance.

Jan LamserMember of the Board Senior Executive OfficerCSOB

Au Bon Marche

At the start of the project we formulated the following objectives:

  • To halt the decline in sales
  • To reduce costs
  • To change the behaviour of management staff

By implementing the measures of the project together, we have managed to halt the decline in sales of the past 7 years. A sustainable reduction of staff costs was also achieved. The annualized improvements realized a ROI of 1:9:4 related to the investment in the project. The operative improvements, which were realized over the period of the project, amounted to 3.7 times of the project investment.

I particularly appreciate the fact that it was possible to react in a flexible manner to any day-today developments and that project groups were put in place at short notice which addressed

  • The optimisation of logistics
  • The optimisation of personnel development planning and a reduction of the personnel costs
  • The optimisation of marketing activities
  • Sales training programmes for approx. 1000 sales assistants

The new management system has resulted in the implementation of structured work practices in the branches and an improvement in the quality of our presentation at points of sale. This was an important contribution to the positive development of our sales figures.

M. FleischmannDirectorAu Bon Marche


As Japanese, what IMPAC did for the last 10 months during the project, is the most basic things to do but despite the method we had before the project, if Japanese implemented the project it will not as we don’t understand the mindset and behavior of the local people. And after 10 months of the project, I can see that this project has become successful, and in this 10 months, the change on working attitude is happening among leader and group leader. I also see operators working faster than before.

IMPAC has opened a hole in the big wall which is barrier to change, and IMPAC has prepared system and coordinators (people) to demolish the wall.

I will recommend IMPAC to other companies to experience the benefits which I had and will continue to gain.

Yoshiharu KurodaPresident Director Pt. Sharp Semiconductor IndonesiaSHARP

Dai Nippon Printing Indonesia, Pt.

As overall results of the IMPAC 10000 program, we want to mention:

  • Improved management control systems in production, planning, QA/QC as well as Maintenance
  • Improved inter and intra communications between department
  • Improved problem solving techniques
  • Reduction in scrap/rework
  • Reduce material consumption

Significantly, the above has resulted in:

  1. Improvement in material losses by 30%
  2. overtime cost reduction by 8%

Even more important perhaps than the financial result is the achievement in setting the grounds for a proper behavior at the supervisory and mid-management level.

Masaru ShojiPresident DirectorDai Nippon Printing Indonesia, Pt.

U-tech Media Corporation

The yield rate of our production reached 86% in the first few weeks after project started and made a new highest point in the record. We were surprised that correct attitude of supervisor level, managers and augmented control of every production machine can substantially improve the yield rate. This is a new confine that science cannot reach.

Steven Chang, D.B.AChairman and CEOU-tech Media Corporation


New management systems for production and maintenance were developed, and tactical and technical workshops were conducted with our personnel. IMPAC identified unnecessary down time in machines, and optimum production line configurations and timing were quickly established by working very closely with our personnel.

Positive behavioral change was apparent in numerous supervisors at an early stage; but this change was of greater prominence and significance towards the middle and end of project.

Improvements in efficiency started in the first few weeks of the project, and savings started to flow in at the same time. Upon reaching two-third of the project, savings were already well above the cost of the entire project.

Hiroshi TeradaManaging Director Sharp Roxy Electronics Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.SHARP


The project was focused on three installation areas within the Campus: Purchase, Energy and the Maintenance sections of the General Service area. During the project systems have been installed which allow us to have a better control on the operations. This control, together with specific savings program has come along with a process efficiency in the various aspects of warehousing, purchasing, energy consumption, cleaning and gardening.

I want to point out that the results have been obtained in direct collaboration with our personnel of the supervisory and management level, without affecting our operations and with a minimum additional investment.

Ing. Eduardo Diza SanchezAdministrative and Physical Plant DirectionITESM

Delta Electronics

I am very pleased with the effort and support that IMPAC has given to DELTA. We have now gone through three projects with IMPAC, and after each project, we are still continuously showing significant improvement and found that it has indeed benefited our company. The systems and controls installed in the 1st DELTA-IMPAC project still shows a continuous improvement and we are very pleased with the results.

The IMPAC programs have achieved the saving which had been guaranteed. In addition to that, we also see behaviors change in our people. The training was part of the IMPAC programs has assisted our people to be more sensitive to operational problems that enables them to be more proactive.

Beau YuFinance Controller Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company LtdDelta Electronics

McDonald’s Romania

I can evaluate the project from 2 perspectives. From a strict financial point of view the delivered cumulative savings exceed the plan, which was identified during the analysis.

 Secondly, I can observe, that my management staff is now better prepared for the process of establishing long- term plans and more effectively able to follow- up in the area of labor control. This set of business like behavior is a serious benefit for us all in the Operations Department.

Daniel BoajeOperation ManagerMcDonald’s Romania