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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


Summarizing the results and my opinion of the work carried out the following can be said:

  • realized savings are on yearly base what we had expected.
  • the factory management achieved a better cost awareness.
  • the operation is restructured in a more rational way.
  • your way of working has been systematic and result-oriented.
  • the work carried out by your peoples has been of high quality.

Your people and our factory management have proved that potential savings are possible to realize. With the programmes installed as well as the spirit of the factory management I am confident that what has been achieved, will be permanent or even improve.

Cato NaesfeldtA/s Nestle NorgeNESTLE

Grupo Radio Centro

The objective of the program was to give our sales executives the necessary tools to improved results, and to do it in less time. Sales concepts were identified as opportunity areas during the visits to different clients, that were performed by Grupo Radio Centro sales executives and IMPAC skills personnel.

Also a daily-weekly manager control system was installed to allow commercial directors and sales executives review the progress or advance of their actual sales immediately.

As a result of all the program, sales has increased 20% over actual budget, that is twice as much, as the original objective promise by IMPAC.

Adrian-Aguirre GomezChairmanGrupo Radio Centro


As Japanese, what IMPAC did for the last 10 months during the project, is the most basic things to do but despite the method we had before the project, if Japanese implemented the project it will not as we don’t understand the mindset and behavior of the local people. And after 10 months of the project, I can see that this project has become successful, and in this 10 months, the change on working attitude is happening among leader and group leader. I also see operators working faster than before.

IMPAC has opened a hole in the big wall which is barrier to change, and IMPAC has prepared system and coordinators (people) to demolish the wall.

I will recommend IMPAC to other companies to experience the benefits which I had and will continue to gain.

Yoshiharu KurodaPresident Director Pt. Sharp Semiconductor IndonesiaSHARP

Foster Electric

 IMPAC worked closely with our people to design new systems that focused on the key points of control. Everything was examined and analysed in detail, including our standard times, crewing levels and scheduling. Improved scheduling with tighter control allowed us to save in excess of $100,000 in Overtime costs in the month of October alone.

Training of our people has been integral part of the project. I found Access Management training to be simple and effective in getting our people to see their roles and responsibilities in the new systems and change process.

I would njot hesitate to recommend IMPAC to anyone keen on seeing sustainable improvement made in their companies, especially in these challenging times that we are faced with.

Yukio MiyataManaging Director, Foster Electric (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Foster Electric


The first reaction to IMPAC supervision was that we were astonish that the IMPAC team could, through their professionalism, collect and analyze data from various sectors with high efficiency and accuracy within such a short period of time. And furthermore, the “Training” and “Monthly Progress” presentations to the Sanyo’s staff was excellent in which I myself had gained much knowledge and experiences that I was not aware during my years of working life.

The very thing about IMPAC System program is that, it is also mean to reform PT. SANYO Compressor Indonesia to achieve cultural assimilation. We could know see significant changes in the attitude and way of thinking of the Local Managers and Frontline Supervisors and Leaders, even though they were not that enthusiastic in the beginning.

Eiju HorieVice President Director Pt. Sanyo Compressor IndonesiaSanyo


The IMPAC organization has done a very good and professional job. IMPAC met their commitments and delivered result as promised. Communication Strategies Workshops will serve as a good foundation for perpetuation of the culture change which was the real key to success of this project. Workshops, combined with the efforts of the engineers will allow us to take this to next level.

Philippe A. ArchinardPresidentbioMerieux

South Pacific

ViscoseIMPAC ACCESS utilized various diagnostic techniques and information from the initial Analysis of our company to tailor a series of workshops specifically designed to address our weaknesses and to develop our personnel.

The workshops were conducted for all levels of management. This laid the foundation for a common management approach throughout the organization.

With a multi-cultural management team of Indonesians, Indians, Austrians, and others learning together in the ACCESS Workshops, a strong sense of teamwork is developed based on mutual respect and a common purpose of collective success. We have a vision of our future and are confident of our ability realize that vision.

Mr. Craig BarkerPresident DirectorSouth Pacific Viscose

Tan Hiep Phat Trade & Service Co., LTD

As a result of the work IMPAC has done, we have seen improved productivity and utilization of the lines by 25% and reduced losses by 40%.

Based on these experiences we are very satisfied with the IMPAC System as well as the results achieved. We already received the forecasted ROI of 250%.

The IMPAC project is a foundation on which you build a future with the assurance of success. We have also begun a second project with IMPAC for additional successes in other area of our organization to improve our current Staff Productivity.

Dr. Tran Qui ThanhChairman and CEOTan Hiep Phat Trade & Service Co., LTD

Chong Wah Plastics Sdn. Bhd.

Your personnel assigned to our project are qualified and capable of carrying out the IMPAC Program successfully. The first installation of the IMPAC system in production department has brought about satisfactory results.

 The communications training workshops have succeeded in improving the confrontation and problem solving capabilities of the supervisors.

 We would be happy to recommend IMPAC to those companies interested in achieving improved profitability through increased productivity and cost savings.

Wee Hong ImChairman & Managing DirectorChong Wah Plastics Sdn. Bhd.

Pahala Kencana, Pt.

IMPAC has delivered tremendous improvement in productivity by increasing number of buses available by 20 %, starting week 6 instead of week 10 of the project as promised.

In addition, I can see obviously behavior change of key persons within our organization on supervisor and manager level. They now understand the important aspect of their daily business tasks in order to get the job done.

The achievement that we have reached is considerably excellent.

Bambang T. TedjokusumoPresident DirectorPahala Kencana, Pt.