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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Lone Star Steel Company

I have been most impressed with the quality and the methodology of the IMPAC Area Development Process.

The growing in cooperation and communication between our departments throughout the process has been impressive to see. The IMPAC people have effected positive changes in our managers and supervisors. The change in this area has been strongly influenced by an excellent “Goals Roll Down Process.” This has forces departments and people, which have not always worked well together, to break down old barriers and work collectively toward common goals.

Gary E. BraunSr. Vice PresidentLone Star Steel Company

Brigantine Services Limited

Our production and inventory management process have changed almost completely during the course of the project, and we now have the foundation and methodology in place to perpetuate further improvements in the months and years ahead. We are also ready to capitalize on the improvements to outperform our competition and truly create an edge with our customers.

We have noted a marked behavioral improvement across our supervisory levels as well, largely spurred by training sessions of the project in conjunction with a robust dialogue between your IMPAC team and our associates.

The pay back has been substantial and we will benefit even further in the future as we continue to build on the foundation now laid down.


Bjørn HøjgaardBrigantine Services LimitedBrigantine Services Limited


The IMPAC organization has done a very good and professional job. IMPAC met their commitments and delivered result as promised. Communication Strategies Workshops will serve as a good foundation for perpetuation of the culture change which was the real key to success of this project. Workshops, combined with the efforts of the engineers will allow us to take this to next level.

Philippe A. ArchinardPresidentbioMerieux


I am satisfied with the results of the IMPAC/SEI project. What I found most valuable as the result of project are as follows:

  • locals at the manager level have began to take initiatives to take steps for solving the problems in their areas on their own
  • Operators are more aware about lost time related to productivity
  • Operators and management are mutually working together to create a better working environment.

As for the final result of the IMPAC project, which has been to improve our employees productivity performance up to around 15%, and we look at these improvements as an excellent return on our investment through implementation of the IMPAC program.

Akira TakadaPresident Director Pt. Sony Electronics IndonesiaSONY


This investment was very good value for money and that the decision to start had been correct. We have seen very significant savings and have also created, with the active help and support of the IMPAC team, a new management structure far more suitable to our needs than the previous one.

Marek GrabowskiChief Operating OfficerPilkington


We invited IMPAC to help us to improve the business processes in the accounting department, taking into consideration the following goals:

  • to optimize the internal business processes of accounting department of Dunaferr
  • to explore the possibilities of SAP system so that it could be used to the maximum possible extent in the new optimized process
  • to determine the necessary headcount with the installation of a management system
  • to bring beforehand the month-end closing period

 As a result of the review and optimized and integrated activities, with the full agreement of the supervisory and middle management, in case of the daughter companies, more than 60% headcount reduction has been identified.

As the result of the Business Process Reengineering activity, additional 13% headcount reduction potential has been identified. The business process reengineering steps contain SAP modification, organization improvement and several other implemented management tools.

Natalya V. BashynskaChief Financial OfficerDunaferr

BCM Electronics Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Our people, especially the first line supervision, are now equipped with sound management fundamentals and had learned to utilize performance indices to confront poor performances. The installed controls made our people more aware of the cost implications of lost time, rejects, rework, and scrap, thus making them more proactive in addressing such problems.

Productivity has improved dramatically during the course of this project, from 60% last year to an average of 90% to date.

The ACCESS training sessions had aided the managers, supervisors, and group leader realize, to a great extend, their roles and responsibilities in the management chain. The one on one coaching sessions had helped a lot in transforming theories and concepts to practical on the job application.

Lim Keng HockChairmanBCM Electronics Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

ALPS Electric

Our goal was to train lean team and design Lean manufacturing, Develop unified approach of norms development, unified methods for changeovers using S.M.E.D. method, develop unified company Flexibility matrix and training approach. Map all reporting process and identify duplications and lose-ends.

  • We have now fully trained and functional Lean team
  • Our trained team of process engineers determined work, assigning norm for our lines
  • New norms for changeovers were set. Changeovers will be performed according to S.M.E.D method and contributes to higher OPI.
  • We revised entire existing Maintenance management system focusing on workforce utilization and quantification of the Maintenance department performance.
  • Improvement of behavior of supervisors and managers-focusing on immediate corrective actions based on daily variance and regular follow up, improved cooperation and utilization of direct employees.

Tools and managerial training sessions show that our cooperation with IMPAC brings us significant improvement in overall efficiency. Therefore I would recommend IMPAC to any company looking for improvements, and higher profits.

Phil SaekiGeneral Manager Alps Electric Czech, s.r.o.ALPS Electric

The Tai Ping Insurance Co., Ltd.

The Management Training together with the installed systems are showing positive effects. This is especially important to my company; a service industry.

During the phase of the implementation, we have reduced the outstanding amounts from 49% to 19%. The improvement of 30% is definitely impressive in the normal period; but is exceptional during this current economic melt-down period. We are now gearing ourselves towards achieving the industrial standard which is at 13%.

Tyrone T.Y, TungPresidentThe Tai Ping Insurance Co., Ltd.

Novorossiysk Commercial Seaport JSC.

IMPAC 10000 system implementation has helped OVM supervisors to enhance their ability to plan and distribute maintenance jobs in a accordance with certain priorities, gave an opportunity to control jobs done effectively, eliminate lost time and take timely corrective actions if problems arise, as well as streamline report – actions taken relationship.

As a result of work completed, enhanced control, measures aimed at lost time elimination we were able to better define workloads and get a productivity improvement of 23%.

Together with IMPAC specialists we have developed the project of major mechanization restructuring. The scheme that takes into consideration maintenance specifics will benefit us in the following ways:

  • major improvement in communication between mechanization and maintenance areas and cargo areas and other port departments
    - considerably decrease payroll costs (40% on average)
  • higher efficiency of the work and considerable downtime decrease
  • shorter response time

Igor D. PashchenkoHead of Machinery DepartmentNovorossiysk Commercial Seaport JSC.