Global Experience

IMPAC is a global leader in productivity improvement. We work with industry leaders from every continent, and we bring our experience and expertise to work for you.

Measurable Results

Unlike other firms, IMPAC delivers measurable results. We increase your productivity, and generate sustainable improvements in your organization. Benefit from productivity savings, expressed in real money.

Improved Quality

Productivity does not come at the cost of quality. IMPAC system of management improves productivity performance and increases quality standards at the same time!

IMPAC a different perspective…

Committed to producing results

Not just for today but for the future.

We are agents of change… changing the conditions in which people have been simply existing. IMPAC gives them the tools that allow them to make a difference. We produce and achieve the results for companies which are necessary for them to survive and grow, not just for today but for the future.

There is hardly a company or organization in the world that does not desire to improve its productivity, sales and profitability. Yet often, the systems that tie a company together actually defeat the achievement of these goals. The changes they make are reactive and fail to reach the core of the fundamental problem or bottleneck. IMPAC recognizes that profound change and lasting productivity improvement will only occur when organizations address and eliminate outdated and non productive management practices. Frequently, such practices are undetected internally and may seem unrelated to the overall problem.

IMPAC focuses on the entire operational flow of an organization, analyzing the effect each component has on the total operation. IMPAC works closely with the first levels of supervision and management… the people responsible for the continued success of the organizations but who are rarely given the tools, training and skills that enable them to be effective in their jobs. Promoted into supervisory positions because of positive performances as workers, they may well have been left unprepared for an entirely new set of challenges. IMPAC helps them develop the tools, techniques and motivation that are necessary to consistently control and manage the company’s resources in the most productive and profitable way.