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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


The program is total approach which encompassing area development, base development, and access training. It is diversified enough to cover the main production elements of man, machine, material and method as well as an in-depth insight in terms of product, process and system.

The Access management training has been closely tied to the new systems installed. The training has made supervisors and managers more measurement oriented, proactive and sensitive in dealing with their daily jobs and established better communication among departments.

K. IdenoManaging Director, Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries Singapore Pte. Ltd.Panasonic

Nahm Sanitaryware Co., Ltd

As we have seen, the managers and supervisors have improved the control of their operations, and now have a much greater awareness of their performance. We are now able to better communicate goals through all levels of the company, plan our resources according to our real needs, follow-up to ensure the plan is executed and tackle all variances to plan. As a result of the reporting system installed and the key performance indicators tracked, our people are now very much focused on taking preventive and corrective action promptly.

As a result of the ACCESS Communication and Leadership training that has coincided with the installation of the Management Control System, we have noticed a positive change in the supervisors’ behaviors. The IMPAC team was worked very closely with our people throughout the process, to ensure a successful transfer of skills and methodology, ensuring ownership on the systems installed.

Natacha PhenjatiPresidentNahm Sanitaryware Co., Ltd

BCM Electronics Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Our people, especially the first line supervision, are now equipped with sound management fundamentals and had learned to utilize performance indices to confront poor performances. The installed controls made our people more aware of the cost implications of lost time, rejects, rework, and scrap, thus making them more proactive in addressing such problems.

Productivity has improved dramatically during the course of this project, from 60% last year to an average of 90% to date.

The ACCESS training sessions had aided the managers, supervisors, and group leader realize, to a great extend, their roles and responsibilities in the management chain. The one on one coaching sessions had helped a lot in transforming theories and concepts to practical on the job application.

Lim Keng HockChairmanBCM Electronics Corporation Sdn. Bhd.


Results of the past months showed that the installation of IMPAC 10000 gives a transparent system enabling an easier definition and follow-up of responsibilities. It makes it possible to track frequent and avoidable problems and take actions in order to eliminate them.

 Working together with IMPAC showed that it is an important role and task of the managers to make sure that the time available for preventive maintenance is used in the most effective way. This leads to decrease in the frequency and duration of emergency breakdowns.

Lontai AttilaHot Rolling Mill DirectorDunaferr

Viet Hung

The IMPAC team has worked together with our people to analyze the activities, develop standards and review to improve our business processes. The training, both classroom and on the floor, has helped our people to improve their management skills and become familiar with the new procedures.

The project achieved the following results :

  • Full management systems has been developed from top management to floor supervisors, allowing us to have a better control over the organization
  • The behaviours of our people have changed in a positive way; they are more proactive in handling problems and taking corrective actions
  • The productivity has increased by 28%

Mr. Nguyen Viet HungChairman & CEOViet Hung

Royal Korindah, Pt.

As overall results of the IMPAC Implementation program, we want to mention:

  •  Improved management control systems in production, PPIC, Packing, Pre-Production as well as our Branches.
  • Improved inter and intra communications between departments.
  • Improved problem solving techniques.
  • Reduction in scrap/rework.
  • Reduce material consumption.
  1. Improvement in productivity in factory by 38%
  2. ROI 544%
  3. Savings in Pocket at the end of the Project at the rate of: 140.57%

Through the ACCESS Communication program workshops our supervisory and mid-management have learned important skills in giving and following up on assignments, as well as reporting on variances. They also acquired confrontation techniques, problem solving techniques and cost awareness training.

Jun Ho LeeDirectorRoyal Korindah, Pt.


We have had a total of ten different area installations, as widely varying as production units and research and development or technical planning.!

The overall results have been that now, as the project is drawing to a conclusion, the savings achieved have already at this point exceeded the cost of the project by over siz times.

I sincerely recommend an IMPAC project for anyone interested in not only quick improvements but continuous progress and development in the future.

Lasse KurkilahtiPresident and Managing Director Nokia Tyres (Nokian Renkaat Oy)NOKIA

Paglieri Sell System

The management systems have been changed, there have been changes in the planning procedures and in the methods of evaluating results.

We achieved good results in the warehouse operations and in labour savings. These results have consolidated and they keep improving.

In 2006 we started another, more difficult, project with IMPAC, with the goal of improving the productivity, and therefore reducing the costs, of the merchandisers organization that refills the supermarkets all over Italy.

We’re achieving very good results and there are signs that show additional improvements.

Laura PaglieriAdministratore DelegatoPaglieri Sell System

Latinusa, Pt. (Krakatau Steel Group)

As for the results, it is quite obviously seen and felt in our bottom-line. As in any business prone to mood swings in the market, we too had our fair share of up and down moments but in the end I can say we had achieved the set targets of 100 % payback in pocket and an annualized savings of 300 % by end of the project.

I am very satisfied with the behavior change of my people.

I have personally benefitted from going through this IMPAC project. I now know it is possible to measure performance at the point of execution through selective key performance indicators.

Ahmad BananiPresident DirectorLatinusa, Pt. (Krakatau Steel Group)


The first reaction to IMPAC supervision was that we were astonish that the IMPAC team could, through their professionalism, collect and analyze data from various sectors with high efficiency and accuracy within such a short period of time. And furthermore, the “Training” and “Monthly Progress” presentations to the Sanyo’s staff was excellent in which I myself had gained much knowledge and experiences that I was not aware during my years of working life.

The very thing about IMPAC System program is that, it is also mean to reform PT. SANYO Compressor Indonesia to achieve cultural assimilation. We could know see significant changes in the attitude and way of thinking of the Local Managers and Frontline Supervisors and Leaders, even though they were not that enthusiastic in the beginning.

Eiju HorieVice President Director Pt. Sanyo Compressor IndonesiaSanyo