Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


  • Your Project team had analyzed the present situation of our daily operation.
  • Your project team has set up a Management Operating System.
  • Our employees have understood the importance of communication by participating the very essential ACCESS training sessions.

All our expectations were at least satisfied or exceeded. We intend to sustain business success as well as a positive development of our sales and service organization in Japan and overseas.

Christopher SommDirector, Toyoda-Sulzer Sales Ltd.SULZER

Tolpost Globe

The team on site was capable of changing my view of organizational respectively systematic work approach. They provided me and my leading team with a new mental model which will allow our organization to be prepared for the challenges of the future to work in a smarter and more efficient way.

I can report productivity improvement at the end of Oct 2005 compared to Oct 2004 of 9.1%, which to a significant part could be achieved by applying the IMPAC systematic work approach.

Robin OlsenManaging DirectorTolpost Globe

Dätwyler Cables

As a result of the work during this period with the management team as well the supervisors on the floor and installing new management systems we have, together with the IMPAC team, managed to get up productivity of our machines by roughly 15%,and the productivity of our employees up by 50% in some cases. In relation to the financial results in project week 26, – 4 weeks before competition of the project- I can say we have reached 150% of the savings IMPAC promised to us after the analysis they performed at our company.

Johannes MüllerExecutive Vice PresidentDätwyler Cables


Our supervisory personnel have improved their job performance and the communication program has helped us in improving the communication with our manager, supervisor, foreman, utilities and general workers. The program made our supervisory employees more conscious of proper labor utilization and improve their communication technics.

Luis DavilaManufacturing Director, Matsushita Electric of Puerto Rico, Inc.Panasonic

AN PHAT Plastic and Packing Co. JSC.

With strong support from AN PHAT’s Executives, after the completion of the AN PHAT—IMPAC project, we have achieved.

  • Total weekly output increase by 127%, the highest in history
  • Average labour productivity increased by 195%
  • Savings guarantee was achieved 20 weeks consecutively till end of the project.
  • Recovery of Investment is 83%
  • ROI is 292%

Pham Anh DuongChairmanAN PHAT Plastic and Packing Co. JSC.

NESTLE (Winiary SA.)

1. we have installed new managing systems in the following areas:

  • heating and electricity control
  • maintenance
  • six production departments

2. We have achieved the savings coming from the installed systems. The savings allowed us to get over 100% return of investment during the course of the project and guarantee over 330% return of investment one year after the completion of the project.

3. The systems installed include the labour and performance standards, which were developed according to Nestle requirements, as well as the tools for performance and efficiency follow up.

Our Winiary/IMPAC program resulted in a significant behavior change.

Karol MadrowskiPresident of the BoardNESTLE (Winiary SA.)


The project was focused on three installation areas within the Campus: Purchase, Energy and the Maintenance sections of the General Service area. During the project systems have been installed which allow us to have a better control on the operations. This control, together with specific savings program has come along with a process efficiency in the various aspects of warehousing, purchasing, energy consumption, cleaning and gardening.

I want to point out that the results have been obtained in direct collaboration with our personnel of the supervisory and management level, without affecting our operations and with a minimum additional investment.

Ing. Eduardo Diza SanchezAdministrative and Physical Plant DirectionITESM

Silja Line

With the support from IMPAC, we have been able to install a Management System which enables detailed control of the operation. The Management System provides the management with relevant information for efficient utilization of the Sales organization in Silja Line Skandinavien. The System has been installed in Phone Booking, Ticket offices, Teminals, Marketing and in Sales Promotion departments.

Your management training, supplied by your team, has raised the skills level of our supervisors and managers to a point that enables them to solve problems and manage their areas more effectively. This increased our ability to identify and realize opportunities at each sales point.

Thomas LepistoManaging DirectorSilja Line


As Japanese, what IMPAC did for the last 10 months during the project, is the most basic things to do but despite the method we had before the project, if Japanese implemented the project it will not as we don’t understand the mindset and behavior of the local people. And after 10 months of the project, I can see that this project has become successful, and in this 10 months, the change on working attitude is happening among leader and group leader. I also see operators working faster than before.

IMPAC has opened a hole in the big wall which is barrier to change, and IMPAC has prepared system and coordinators (people) to demolish the wall.

I will recommend IMPAC to other companies to experience the benefits which I had and will continue to gain.

Yoshiharu KurodaPresident Director Pt. Sharp Semiconductor IndonesiaSHARP

Paglieri Sell System

The management systems have been changed, there have been changes in the planning procedures and in the methods of evaluating results.

We achieved good results in the warehouse operations and in labour savings. These results have consolidated and they keep improving.

In 2006 we started another, more difficult, project with IMPAC, with the goal of improving the productivity, and therefore reducing the costs, of the merchandisers organization that refills the supermarkets all over Italy.

We’re achieving very good results and there are signs that show additional improvements.

Laura PaglieriAdministratore DelegatoPaglieri Sell System