Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


We have had a total of ten different area installations, as widely varying as production units and research and development or technical planning.!

The overall results have been that now, as the project is drawing to a conclusion, the savings achieved have already at this point exceeded the cost of the project by over siz times.

I sincerely recommend an IMPAC project for anyone interested in not only quick improvements but continuous progress and development in the future.

Lasse KurkilahtiPresident and Managing Director Nokia Tyres (Nokian Renkaat Oy)NOKIA

Total Bangun Persada Tbk, Pt.

“IMPAC has improved our management system so that we have better control on our projects, specifically in Site Management, Engineering and Commercial departments.”

There is also significant behavior change from our supervisors and managers in their work approach. They have better planning and proactive in solving problems.

I believe that we will able to continuously reduce the material wastage in the future as now we have better control system on material usage, specifically in concrete and steel.

I am also pleased with the Progress Alert Program as it has encouraged our people on continuous improvement.

Janti Komadjaja, MScPresident DirectorTotal Bangun Persada Tbk, Pt.


I can tell you that the results have well fulfilled my expectations and the savings guaranteed in the agreement has been realized.

As a result of the training given to our supervisors, and the systems you assisted us in installing, we have now complete control of the areas and the method to deal with the daily problems.

Matti Saynevirta General Manager Nokia Metal ProductsNOKIA

KT-Datacenter Oy

With IMPAC’s help we have made significant changes in our activities by standardizing working methods and tools.

We have succeeded in reducing overtime hours by better planning and follow-up. At the same time we have increased the productive work rate of individual employees. Productivity has increased because the employees have now very clear and measurable goals.


Jorna KielennivaManaging DirectorKT-Datacenter Oy

Lone Star Steel Company

I have been most impressed with the quality and the methodology of the IMPAC Area Development Process.

The growing in cooperation and communication between our departments throughout the process has been impressive to see. The IMPAC people have effected positive changes in our managers and supervisors. The change in this area has been strongly influenced by an excellent “Goals Roll Down Process.” This has forces departments and people, which have not always worked well together, to break down old barriers and work collectively toward common goals.

Gary E. BraunSr. Vice PresidentLone Star Steel Company

Dätwyler Cables

After having accomplished so far six other projects with IMPAC, we decided to conduct a comprehensive Training Programme with the help of IMPAC.

The training programme focused on “Best in Class”-principles and behavior, containing training on systems and leadership, planning and role responsibility, as well as compliance and cooperation.

Furthermore we were able to design new management goals for our Foreman and Area Manager in order to future increase the results of the previous projects; resulting effectively in an ROI of 210%, and to make our people ready for future challenges.


Johannes MüllerExecutive Vice PresidentDätwyler Cables

Rosti (Scotland) Ltd.

The IMPAC program has shown us a large potential for the reduction of direct labour within all manufacturing areas of the facility. The target for direct labour is as low as 9% of sales and during the IMPAC program one major area of weakness which was highlighted was planning process for the entire factory but in particular for our Mould shop. This area was identified by the IMPAC program and it was decided to use the Kaizen Blitz technique to re-engineer the planning process in a very short time.

It was notable for me how well the Kaizen Blitz methodology and the IMPAC methodology complimented each other to achieve an excellent result. Both methodologies focus on the reduction of waste and have as a stated goal the institutionalization of change.

Mr. Alex MortonQuality and Engineering ManagerRosti (Scotland) Ltd.


I am satisfied with the results of the IMPAC/SEI project. What I found most valuable as the result of project are as follows:

  • locals at the manager level have began to take initiatives to take steps for solving the problems in their areas on their own
  • Operators are more aware about lost time related to productivity
  • Operators and management are mutually working together to create a better working environment.

As for the final result of the IMPAC project, which has been to improve our employees productivity performance up to around 15%, and we look at these improvements as an excellent return on our investment through implementation of the IMPAC program.

Akira TakadaPresident Director Pt. Sony Electronics IndonesiaSONY

Ta Yang Group

Impac was invited to commence the 30 weeks project on May 2008. As a result of the work with IMPAC team during this period with the management team as well as with the supervisors on the floor we are able to achieve tangible results, such as:

  1. Project Cum Savings till now already exceeds the total cost of the project. Cum Annualized Savings ROI is 450%.
  2. In Factory II we able to achieve an increased of material ratio from 62% to 77%
  3. In Factory I (JINHE), comparing to Company Standards we improved the overall labour productivity from 74% in July to 90% in October.
  4. PAP program generated more than 150 proposals with annualized saving 207,604 RMB.


David HuangExecutive DirectorTa Yang Group

ALPS Electric

Our goal was to train lean team and design Lean manufacturing, Develop unified approach of norms development, unified methods for changeovers using S.M.E.D. method, develop unified company Flexibility matrix and training approach. Map all reporting process and identify duplications and lose-ends.

  • We have now fully trained and functional Lean team
  • Our trained team of process engineers determined work, assigning norm for our lines
  • New norms for changeovers were set. Changeovers will be performed according to S.M.E.D method and contributes to higher OPI.
  • We revised entire existing Maintenance management system focusing on workforce utilization and quantification of the Maintenance department performance.
  • Improvement of behavior of supervisors and managers-focusing on immediate corrective actions based on daily variance and regular follow up, improved cooperation and utilization of direct employees.

Tools and managerial training sessions show that our cooperation with IMPAC brings us significant improvement in overall efficiency. Therefore I would recommend IMPAC to any company looking for improvements, and higher profits.

Phil SaekiGeneral Manager Alps Electric Czech, s.r.o.ALPS Electric