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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


The IMPAC team came into our company with great enthusiasm and commitment, working closely with our managers and supervisors, and leading them to see that problems are opportunities for improvement if analyzed and confronted.

In more tangible terms, IMPAC has also proven to achieve monetary savings, quality improvements and productivity gains. We were aiming for a significant increase in production output and with the stimulus of the IMPAC team, we are well on the way to our target and our management team is confident of achieving it. Quality has also seen a tremendous improvement since IMPAC started working with our people in this area.

Tadahiko EndoManaging Director, Fujitsu Component (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Fujitsu

Hayakawa Electronics

I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with the results that we have achieved through this project.

Many things have changed in our organization with the help of IMPAC:

  • The Goals Roll Down Process helped us to establish our company goals and expectations, and this gave all level of management the direction
  • Setting up of the Departmental Key performance Indicators gave us a tool to objectively monitor departmental performance
  • The new Material Control System has helped us reduce our material constraint problem.
  • The Sales Skills program has enhanced the skills of the sales force to enable them to bring in more new business for Hayakawa.

Our coordinator has been trained and he is equipped with the knowledge and experience gained during the project.

The ACCESS Communication Workshops have been an integral part of the project. I found the training to be simple and effective in getting our people to see their roles and responsibilities in the new systems. I can clearly see the behavior change in my people.

The financial benefits generated during the program will provide us with a 5:1 ROI. More significantly, we got back 100% of our investment in week 33 of the project. The behavior changes in our people, clarity of the company’s objectives, objective performance measurements, and more pro-active management are the major output of these changes.

Junji TetsuoPresident Hayakawa Electronics Philippines, Corp.Hayakawa Electronics

Grupo Radio Centro

The objective of the program was to give our sales executives the necessary tools to improved results, and to do it in less time. Sales concepts were identified as opportunity areas during the visits to different clients, that were performed by Grupo Radio Centro sales executives and IMPAC skills personnel.

Also a daily-weekly manager control system was installed to allow commercial directors and sales executives review the progress or advance of their actual sales immediately.

As a result of all the program, sales has increased 20% over actual budget, that is twice as much, as the original objective promise by IMPAC.

Adrian-Aguirre GomezChairmanGrupo Radio Centro

Paglieri Sell System

The management systems have been changed, there have been changes in the planning procedures and in the methods of evaluating results.

We achieved good results in the warehouse operations and in labour savings. These results have consolidated and they keep improving.

In 2006 we started another, more difficult, project with IMPAC, with the goal of improving the productivity, and therefore reducing the costs, of the merchandisers organization that refills the supermarkets all over Italy.

We’re achieving very good results and there are signs that show additional improvements.

Laura PaglieriAdministratore DelegatoPaglieri Sell System

Aker Engineering

We entered into cooperation with IMPAC in order to develop a more efficient organization, especially through improved first line management and supervision. Special attention has been given to our staff functions and the resource allocation and planning in our engineering disciplines.

Throughout the project we have developed new and improved systems and practices for day-to-day planning and follow-up, and our supervisors have been trained to support this in the future.

Further, we have taken an important step forward in the quality of personnel planning. We have also developed methods for initiating preventing actions to avoid extensive ad hoc work.

Svein BredahlManaging DirectorAker Engineering


I would like take a few minutes to give you a short progress report:

  • Excellent Turn Around
  • Major reduction in customer complaints
  • One day turn on all domestic orders
  • 100% Inventory Accuracy
  • Service Level 100%
  • Reduction in receiving errors
  • Ability to meet demands of unannounced increases in outbound orders
  • Increase Productivity
  • Quality errors to zero

C. WraySR. ManagerFedEx


We have implemented systems to create a daily overview of the use of resources and productivity in our production processes. During the project we were often at the positive way of implementing the IMPAC systems which were easy to adapt and install in our production philosophy.

The IMPAC working methods are fast and at first we were skeptical of gaining the savings but we have to conclude we have acquired many useful improvements to benefit from in the future.

Karsten AndersenVelux

VARTA Batteri AB

The need to increase our productivity and to reach shorter and safer delivery time led to a corporation with IMPAC.

The project has now been completed and the results have loved up to our expectations. New routines have been established, the connected training has given a clear change in attitudes.

Olof EkelundManaging DirectorVARTA Batteri AB

China Intl. Marine Containers Ltd.

We were impressed by the results and the professional way your hard working and devoted staff carried out the analysis enrolling the co-operation and support of our Chinese employees who all enthusiastically participated in the analysis and studies.

I am confident that introduction of your system into organizations be it manufacturing, administration or trade would be beneficial to companies newly established in China as well as long time established companies.

The IMPAC analysis served as an eye opener for seeing our operations and potentials in a new perspective and dimension.

E. MoesgaadGeneral ManagerChina Intl. Marine Containers Ltd.


New management systems for production and maintenance were developed, and tactical and technical workshops were conducted with our personnel. IMPAC identified unnecessary down time in machines, and optimum production line configurations and timing were quickly established by working very closely with our personnel.

Positive behavioral change was apparent in numerous supervisors at an early stage; but this change was of greater prominence and significance towards the middle and end of project.

Improvements in efficiency started in the first few weeks of the project, and savings started to flow in at the same time. Upon reaching two-third of the project, savings were already well above the cost of the entire project.

Hiroshi TeradaManaging Director Sharp Roxy Electronics Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.SHARP