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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


We are very pleased with the Access Communications Workshop training sessions conducted by IMPAC in the duration of the project. Behavior change is most evident in my supervisors and line leaders. They are now very proactive in taking action to correct variances highlighted by control which have been implemented.

The production lines have seen a reduction in the standard time to produce the same volume of output and through the close follow up by the supervisors and line leaders, they are able to exceed their targets and achieve the goals which had been set.

Ichiro YoshidaManaging Director Brother Industries Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.Brother

Vanda Factory Co., Ltd.

The installed controls made our people more aware of the cost implications of lost time, rejects, rework and scrap, thus making them proactive in addressing such problems. Reporting system gives managers and supervisors a cohesive picture of the organization’s performance on a regular basis and enables them to immediately identify, quantify and control variances.

The ACCESS workshop sessions have aided our executives, managers, and supervisors to realize their roles and responsibilities in the management chain. The one-on –one coaching sessions have helped a lot in transforming theories and concepts to practical on the job application.

Your very professional and dedicated team members truly worked hard to educate the Coordinators to be our next change agent. The Coordinators are now in charge to implement continuous improvement in various areas in the organization.

We are now reaping the fruits of the IMPAC 10000 program. The financial benefits generated during the program were impressive. We got back a return on investment of 369%.

Siriwan TangcharoenchaichanaManaging DirectorVanda Factory Co., Ltd.

Samick Indonesia, Pt.

At the completion of PT. Samick-IMPAC program, the following are the achievements attained:

  1.       Reduction of material consumption
  2.       Increased productivity
  3.       Savings guarantee had been met 16 times during project time. End of project recovery is 90%.
  4.       Return on investment is 339%

The biggest achievement is the change in thinking, awareness and responsibility of not only the Executives and Managers, but also of the supervisors and the Foremen.

Our supervision is now doing more active direct supervision and less hourly work in managing their respective areas. Management tools have been installed to help distinguish responsibility clearly for each department. No more firefighting, but coordinating together to figure out solutions.

Steve KimPresident DirectorSamick Indonesia, Pt.

Allied Colloids

You will know that we have commenced projects at our Virginia plant, in our global supply chain systems and will soon commence a project to improve performance in our other US plants and in our sales force around the world.

  • You promised a return on investment of 300%. We achieved 1400%.
  • You stated that we would recoup 70% of the project cost by the end of the project. In reality we have already received more than twice the project cost back in pocket.

David FarrarChief ExecutiveAllied Colloids

South Pacific

ViscoseIMPAC ACCESS utilized various diagnostic techniques and information from the initial Analysis of our company to tailor a series of workshops specifically designed to address our weaknesses and to develop our personnel.

The workshops were conducted for all levels of management. This laid the foundation for a common management approach throughout the organization.

With a multi-cultural management team of Indonesians, Indians, Austrians, and others learning together in the ACCESS Workshops, a strong sense of teamwork is developed based on mutual respect and a common purpose of collective success. We have a vision of our future and are confident of our ability realize that vision.

Mr. Craig BarkerPresident DirectorSouth Pacific Viscose


This investment was very good value for money and that the decision to start had been correct. We have seen very significant savings and have also created, with the active help and support of the IMPAC team, a new management structure far more suitable to our needs than the previous one.

Marek GrabowskiChief Operating OfficerPilkington


I can tell you that the results have well fulfilled my expectations and the savings guaranteed in the agreement has been realized.

As a result of the training given to our supervisors, and the systems you assisted us in installing, we have now complete control of the areas and the method to deal with the daily problems.

Matti Saynevirta General Manager Nokia Metal ProductsNOKIA

Royal Porcelain Public Company Ltd.

When we started the program, there were three overall objectives

  • Provide Managers with the essential management fundamentals
  • Create and organization climate where Managers are continuously instilling the passion, energy. Enthusiasm and edge.
  • Turn Managers into potential Business Leaders.

All the objectives were met as promised and most important the enthusiastic and energy now been demonstrated by staff who successfully completed the program.

The program has also invigorated the staff interest in effective project management, creativity, responsibilities and accountability.

Vanchai TosomboonManaging DirectorRoyal Porcelain Public Company Ltd.


The managers and the first line supervision have improved the control of their operations and have now a much greater awareness of their performance. We are able to better plan our resources according to our needs. Variances to our plan are detected early, and the control systems have provided our people with the tools to take appropriate corrective action at the right time.

As a result of the behavioral training that has coincided with the installation of the management controls, we have noticed a positive change in both the supervisors and the line leaders behavior.

Efficiency and productivity are expected to scale up with the sound management fundamentals imparted by the IMPAC team.

Considering all the above, I would recommend this program to be evaluated by any executive that is aiming at improving the productivity of their organization in a sustainable way.

Osamu YanooManaging Director, Matsushita Electric Works (Thailand) Ltd.Panasonic

Harry’s France SA.

The new management system, Access training workshops, and the follow-up work completed by the Project Team on the floor, resulted in 15% increase of productivity in our Talmont site. Raw material waist was also significantly reduced in this plant (-30%).

I also want to stress the fact that, during their 35 weeks long presence, the IMPAC Team have shown all the professionalism that one can expect. ‘No detail was neglected in helping our people to become more efficient in an economic environment where competition is ferocious.

Christian NesmeDirector of OperationsHarry’s France SA.