Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

VARTA Batteri AB

The need to increase our productivity and to reach shorter and safer delivery time led to a corporation with IMPAC.

The project has now been completed and the results have loved up to our expectations. New routines have been established, the connected training has given a clear change in attitudes.

Olof EkelundManaging DirectorVARTA Batteri AB


The behaviour change amongst the management has been successful especially as far as cost awareness and overtime control.

The crewing guides which have been developed is a very good tool for us to determine the manpower requirements for analyzed departments in future.

The savings projected during the analysis have been considerable in excess of the plan.

Dr. Rolf ZondlerGeneral Manager Nokia Audio Electronics GmbHNOKIA


We can now say that the savings achieved have certainly made the project worth while and that furthermore changes in attitude that cannot easily and immediately be translated into monetary values have been considerable additional benefit.

Herbert W. FuchsOesterreichische Nestle Geselschaft m.b.h.NESTLE

Delta Electronics

I am very pleased with the effort and support that IMPAC has given to DELTA. We have now gone through three projects with IMPAC, and after each project, we are still continuously showing significant improvement and found that it has indeed benefited our company. The systems and controls installed in the 1st DELTA-IMPAC project still shows a continuous improvement and we are very pleased with the results.

The IMPAC programs have achieved the saving which had been guaranteed. In addition to that, we also see behaviors change in our people. The training was part of the IMPAC programs has assisted our people to be more sensitive to operational problems that enables them to be more proactive.

Beau YuFinance Controller Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company LtdDelta Electronics


After nine months of mutual project work I can say that the improvement potential has been confirmed. At the high priority goals have been achieved.

As main factors of success in our co-operation with IMPAC we considered:

  • Mutually agreed goals and objectives at all levels.
  • Productivity improvement at the point of execution through intensive work on the floor.

Our expectation concerning the support from IMPAC have all been met.

H. PirchlDirectorSULZER

IG Watteeuw CR s.r.o.

We began our cooperation with IMPAC in October 2008. The main goal of the project was to implement management systems that would allow producing more gear boxes for railways applications, improving planning, increasing machine utilization and maintenance as well train management and supervision in management techniques and tactics.

  • The number of gear boxes assembled weekly increase from 54 (average of 2008 before the project) to 82 (average of 2009)—which is 52%
  • Cumulative savings achieved at the end of the project are over 4 000 000,-EUR and actual ROI was above 400%
  • Thanks to the savings achieved our Out-Of-Pocket became positive as of week 8
  • The results are also reflected in improvement of EBITDA which increased by 12% points comparing to beginning of the project and contributed to the plant’s profitability”

Eric NeyrinckCEOIG Watteeuw CR s.r.o.


I can tell you that the results have well fulfilled my expectations and the savings guaranteed in the agreement has been realized.

As a result of the training given to our supervisors, and the systems you assisted us in installing, we have now complete control of the areas and the method to deal with the daily problems.

Matti Saynevirta General Manager Nokia Metal ProductsNOKIA

Grupo Radio Centro

The objective of the program was to give our sales executives the necessary tools to improved results, and to do it in less time. Sales concepts were identified as opportunity areas during the visits to different clients, that were performed by Grupo Radio Centro sales executives and IMPAC skills personnel.

Also a daily-weekly manager control system was installed to allow commercial directors and sales executives review the progress or advance of their actual sales immediately.

As a result of all the program, sales has increased 20% over actual budget, that is twice as much, as the original objective promise by IMPAC.

Adrian-Aguirre GomezChairmanGrupo Radio Centro


This program constitutes the implementation of a Management Control System in our organization. I’m satisfied with the activities performed and results achieved in order to reach our objectives in reducing cost and in improving communication within our organization.

With this my people are more pro-active and very conscious to reduce the operating cost of the company.

Kuni FukushimaPresident Director Pt. Omron Manufacturing Of IndonesiaOmron

 McDonald’s Hungary

The Major focus of our joint efforts was to facilitate the behavior change and more business-like behavior of the Restaurant Managers and Operation Consultants, that would result in better bottom line corporate profit.

Through the introduction and application of the IMPAC 10000 Program over 32 restaurants we have achieved an average 20% productivity increase and we have been successful in inducing better compliance to McDonald’s standards and more effective utilization of management control systems. Expressed in financial terms, the project brought a 210% return of the initial investment on an annualized basis.

I can see positive changes in behavior of both the Operations Consultants and Restaurants managers:

  • They are able to plan for utilize the resources better
  • They are more proactive
  • They are able to identify opportunities for further improvement
  • They are more committed to our company goals

Radek JanalikOperations DirectorMcDonald’s Hungary