Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


The total annual return of our investment into the project has reached 350 per cent (instead of the originally planned 1,400,000 euros it is now 2,500,000 euros). The cumulative saving realized during the project totally covers the cost of initiating the project itself. The rest of the improvements was clear from the beginning to the end with no problems at all.

These significant improvements originate primarily from four areas: the savings on the number of working hours, the decrease in the loss of raw material, the improvement of the utilization of packing material and the savings on domestic energy suppliers. In relation to the total need of working hours, the number of extra house has reduced by 30 percent.

The personal development training carried out among the higher and middle level managers was the main attraction of the project.

Temesvari KornelChairman/General ManagerFriesland

The Tai Ping Insurance Co., Ltd.

The Management Training together with the installed systems are showing positive effects. This is especially important to my company; a service industry.

During the phase of the implementation, we have reduced the outstanding amounts from 49% to 19%. The improvement of 30% is definitely impressive in the normal period; but is exceptional during this current economic melt-down period. We are now gearing ourselves towards achieving the industrial standard which is at 13%.

Tyrone T.Y, TungPresidentThe Tai Ping Insurance Co., Ltd.

Pick Szeged

The developed management system meant a training and coaching to the managers at the same time. We consider it important that during trainings persuasion was used as a tool: or managers and supervisors could check the usability of the system before and during implementation through practical examples. This has become a base for long term, continuous and high level utilization.

This way the level of spontaneous actions decreased and we achieved a high level of productive operation.

Laszlo KovacsPresident- CEOPick Szeged

Au Bon Marche

At the start of the project we formulated the following objectives:

  • To halt the decline in sales
  • To reduce costs
  • To change the behaviour of management staff

By implementing the measures of the project together, we have managed to halt the decline in sales of the past 7 years. A sustainable reduction of staff costs was also achieved. The annualized improvements realized a ROI of 1:9:4 related to the investment in the project. The operative improvements, which were realized over the period of the project, amounted to 3.7 times of the project investment.

I particularly appreciate the fact that it was possible to react in a flexible manner to any day-today developments and that project groups were put in place at short notice which addressed

  • The optimisation of logistics
  • The optimisation of personnel development planning and a reduction of the personnel costs
  • The optimisation of marketing activities
  • Sales training programmes for approx. 1000 sales assistants

The new management system has resulted in the implementation of structured work practices in the branches and an improvement in the quality of our presentation at points of sale. This was an important contribution to the positive development of our sales figures.

M. FleischmannDirectorAu Bon Marche

Karn Corn Co., Ltd.

With the support and guidance by IMPAC, we were established our company goals and expectations, and rolled it down to all management levels. The improved management system helped supervisors to control operations at the point of execution. Furthermore, the installed controls made our people more aware of the cost implications of lost time, rejects and scrap, thus making them proactive in addressing such problems.

The financial benefits generated during the program were impressive. We got back a return on investment 325%.

Siriwan TangcharoenchaichanaManaging DirectorKarn Corn Co., Ltd.


Summarizing the results and my opinion of the work carried out the following can be said:

  • realized savings are on yearly base what we had expected.
  • the factory management achieved a better cost awareness.
  • the operation is restructured in a more rational way.
  • your way of working has been systematic and result-oriented.
  • the work carried out by your peoples has been of high quality.

Your people and our factory management have proved that potential savings are possible to realize. With the programmes installed as well as the spirit of the factory management I am confident that what has been achieved, will be permanent or even improve.

Cato NaesfeldtA/s Nestle NorgeNESTLE

Royal Korindah, Pt.

As overall results of the IMPAC Implementation program, we want to mention:

  •  Improved management control systems in production, PPIC, Packing, Pre-Production as well as our Branches.
  • Improved inter and intra communications between departments.
  • Improved problem solving techniques.
  • Reduction in scrap/rework.
  • Reduce material consumption.
  1. Improvement in productivity in factory by 38%
  2. ROI 544%
  3. Savings in Pocket at the end of the Project at the rate of: 140.57%

Through the ACCESS Communication program workshops our supervisory and mid-management have learned important skills in giving and following up on assignments, as well as reporting on variances. They also acquired confrontation techniques, problem solving techniques and cost awareness training.

Jun Ho LeeDirectorRoyal Korindah, Pt.

China Intl. Marine Containers Ltd.

We were impressed by the results and the professional way your hard working and devoted staff carried out the analysis enrolling the co-operation and support of our Chinese employees who all enthusiastically participated in the analysis and studies.

I am confident that introduction of your system into organizations be it manufacturing, administration or trade would be beneficial to companies newly established in China as well as long time established companies.

The IMPAC analysis served as an eye opener for seeing our operations and potentials in a new perspective and dimension.

E. MoesgaadGeneral ManagerChina Intl. Marine Containers Ltd.

Coca Cola Beverages Slovakia

Following an initial period of analysis, specific opportunities for improvements in productivity and cost reduction driven by not only right-sizing activities, but also changes to our management and planning activities were clearly identified by IMPAC team.

The subsequent changes were implemented by our personnel with the total support of IMPAC thus ensuring that ownership for the change process remained fully with our managers and supervisors which were provided with very specific targeted training to assists them in accomplishing their goals. The IMPAC approach to our business review has forced many of our managers to “re-think” the way they manage their teams to achieve their objectives.

The forecast savings identified by IMPAC have been achieved and in fact have exceeded their original estimates.

Ivan StefanecGeneral ManagerCoca Cola Beverages Slovakia


Scope was to substantially redesign the administration process and therewith reduce the headcount & cost in the administration and sales back offices. The project was conducted in due time and produced substantially savings.

Alain BEYENSZone President CEE!nBev