Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

 McDonald’s Hungary

The Major focus of our joint efforts was to facilitate the behavior change and more business-like behavior of the Restaurant Managers and Operation Consultants, that would result in better bottom line corporate profit.

Through the introduction and application of the IMPAC 10000 Program over 32 restaurants we have achieved an average 20% productivity increase and we have been successful in inducing better compliance to McDonald’s standards and more effective utilization of management control systems. Expressed in financial terms, the project brought a 210% return of the initial investment on an annualized basis.

I can see positive changes in behavior of both the Operations Consultants and Restaurants managers:

  • They are able to plan for utilize the resources better
  • They are more proactive
  • They are able to identify opportunities for further improvement
  • They are more committed to our company goals

Radek JanalikOperations DirectorMcDonald’s Hungary

SCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

The main objective of this program was meant to be a cost reduction drive, and through the above has resulted in:

1. Improvement in material utilization by 18.5%

2. Reduction in maintenance cost by 28.6%

3. Labour cost reduction by 10.92%. Major contributor to this reduction is in the overtime cost.

The savings guaranteed in the agreement has exceeded the promise several times and we can also see the improved financial impact in our financial statements.

Peter C. SmerlingManaging DirectorSCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Foster Electric

 IMPAC worked closely with our people to design new systems that focused on the key points of control. Everything was examined and analysed in detail, including our standard times, crewing levels and scheduling. Improved scheduling with tighter control allowed us to save in excess of $100,000 in Overtime costs in the month of October alone.

Training of our people has been integral part of the project. I found Access Management training to be simple and effective in getting our people to see their roles and responsibilities in the new systems and change process.

I would njot hesitate to recommend IMPAC to anyone keen on seeing sustainable improvement made in their companies, especially in these challenging times that we are faced with.

Yukio MiyataManaging Director, Foster Electric (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Foster Electric

Grupo Radio Centro

The objective of the program was to give our sales executives the necessary tools to improved results, and to do it in less time. Sales concepts were identified as opportunity areas during the visits to different clients, that were performed by Grupo Radio Centro sales executives and IMPAC skills personnel.

Also a daily-weekly manager control system was installed to allow commercial directors and sales executives review the progress or advance of their actual sales immediately.

As a result of all the program, sales has increased 20% over actual budget, that is twice as much, as the original objective promise by IMPAC.

Adrian-Aguirre GomezChairmanGrupo Radio Centro

NESTLE (Winiary SA.)

1. we have installed new managing systems in the following areas:

  • heating and electricity control
  • maintenance
  • six production departments

2. We have achieved the savings coming from the installed systems. The savings allowed us to get over 100% return of investment during the course of the project and guarantee over 330% return of investment one year after the completion of the project.

3. The systems installed include the labour and performance standards, which were developed according to Nestle requirements, as well as the tools for performance and efficiency follow up.

Our Winiary/IMPAC program resulted in a significant behavior change.

Karol MadrowskiPresident of the BoardNESTLE (Winiary SA.)

NESTLE (Goplana S.A.)

The installed Energy and Production new systems,  as well as reinforcement training program have brought many positive changes in the factory, outlined hereinafter:

  • The new heating control system helped us to reduce local consumption due to the reduction of losses and increased efficiency of system consumption.
  • The new electricity control system.
  • The improvements have brought the 10% rework reduction and more efficient follow up on production process.
  • We have increased production norms and reduced the direct workload in the production area, which allowed us to slash the production costs.
  • The training sessions for middle management and supervisors have already benefit with the positive behaviour change and expanded managing skills.

Wiktor KurasiakManaging DirectorNESTLE (Goplana S.A.)

Publiambiente S.p.A.

The work done with the IMPAC experts has involved our managers and supervisors and our planning, assignment, communications and control systems were analyzed and improved.

At the moment we are in the phase of redesigning our mechanical and manual cleaning services, which will lead to a 30% productivity improvement.

Furthermore, our managers and supervisors have been involved in a training programme and I appreciate the fact that they are now prepared and know “their numbers”.

Paolo ReginiPresidentePubliambiente S.p.A.


We can now say that the savings achieved have certainly made the project worth while and that furthermore changes in attitude that cannot easily and immediately be translated into monetary values have been considerable additional benefit.

Herbert W. FuchsOesterreichische Nestle Geselschaft m.b.h.NESTLE


The behaviour change amongst the management has been successful especially as far as cost awareness and overtime control.

The crewing guides which have been developed is a very good tool for us to determine the manpower requirements for analyzed departments in future.

The savings projected during the analysis have been considerable in excess of the plan.

Dr. Rolf ZondlerGeneral Manager Nokia Audio Electronics GmbHNOKIA

PHI – Poh Huat Furniture Ind. Vn. JSC.

Simply speaking, I am impressed.

Productivity in our two production lines has increased significantly, and we are enjoying savings that are well above the plan presented by IMPAC after initial analysis. Improvements in systems and productivity have also helped to increase our quality.

Mr. Toh Kim ChongGeneral ManagerPHI – Poh Huat Furniture Ind. Vn. JSC.