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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


We have invited IMPAC to conduct an analysis of our newly reconstructed sales department in Automation Division of ABB Group Polska. The sales concept we have implemented last year needed totally new approach to the internal communication, control tools put in place and systems of management in order to achieve goals in this highly competitive environment we operate.

IMPAC people not only mapped our systems and procedures, but also evaluated our sales force on the road, in their natural working environment.

We had intuitive feeling, now confirmed by IMPAC analysis results, that still a lot is to be done in our sales structures, especially as it refers to training and coaching.

What is the most important however, IMPAC has not only showed us gals in existing system and areas for improvements but also gave us practical hints as well as designed new tools that will serve our management to establish ABB brand on the Polish market for years.

Janusz Petrykowski Vice President of the Board Automation Division ABB Group PolskaABB

Hayakawa Electronics

I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with the results that we have achieved through this project.

Many things have changed in our organization with the help of IMPAC:

  • The Goals Roll Down Process helped us to establish our company goals and expectations, and this gave all level of management the direction
  • Setting up of the Departmental Key performance Indicators gave us a tool to objectively monitor departmental performance
  • The new Material Control System has helped us reduce our material constraint problem.
  • The Sales Skills program has enhanced the skills of the sales force to enable them to bring in more new business for Hayakawa.

Our coordinator has been trained and he is equipped with the knowledge and experience gained during the project.

The ACCESS Communication Workshops have been an integral part of the project. I found the training to be simple and effective in getting our people to see their roles and responsibilities in the new systems. I can clearly see the behavior change in my people.

The financial benefits generated during the program will provide us with a 5:1 ROI. More significantly, we got back 100% of our investment in week 33 of the project. The behavior changes in our people, clarity of the company’s objectives, objective performance measurements, and more pro-active management are the major output of these changes.

Junji TetsuoPresident Hayakawa Electronics Philippines, Corp.Hayakawa Electronics


After nine months of mutual project work I can say that the improvement potential has been confirmed. At the high priority goals have been achieved.

As main factors of success in our co-operation with IMPAC we considered:

  • Mutually agreed goals and objectives at all levels.
  • Productivity improvement at the point of execution through intensive work on the floor.

Our expectation concerning the support from IMPAC have all been met.

H. PirchlDirectorSULZER

ALPS Electric

Our goal was to train lean team and design Lean manufacturing, Develop unified approach of norms development, unified methods for changeovers using S.M.E.D. method, develop unified company Flexibility matrix and training approach. Map all reporting process and identify duplications and lose-ends.

  • We have now fully trained and functional Lean team
  • Our trained team of process engineers determined work, assigning norm for our lines
  • New norms for changeovers were set. Changeovers will be performed according to S.M.E.D method and contributes to higher OPI.
  • We revised entire existing Maintenance management system focusing on workforce utilization and quantification of the Maintenance department performance.
  • Improvement of behavior of supervisors and managers-focusing on immediate corrective actions based on daily variance and regular follow up, improved cooperation and utilization of direct employees.

Tools and managerial training sessions show that our cooperation with IMPAC brings us significant improvement in overall efficiency. Therefore I would recommend IMPAC to any company looking for improvements, and higher profits.

Phil SaekiGeneral Manager Alps Electric Czech, s.r.o.ALPS Electric

Tolpost Globe

The team on site was capable of changing my view of organizational respectively systematic work approach. They provided me and my leading team with a new mental model which will allow our organization to be prepared for the challenges of the future to work in a smarter and more efficient way.

I can report productivity improvement at the end of Oct 2005 compared to Oct 2004 of 9.1%, which to a significant part could be achieved by applying the IMPAC systematic work approach.

Robin OlsenManaging DirectorTolpost Globe

Batico Tin Thanh Plastic Packaging JSC.

After 30 weeks of Tin Thanh – IMPAC projects, we together achieved :

  • The biggest achievement is the change in thinking, awareness and responsibility of not only Executives, Managers but also Team Leaders, Shift Leaders.
  • Management tools are installed
  • Coordination among departments has improved
  • Successful implementation of SMED and 5S program to reduce 35 % of Printing machine changeover, and 58 % of Packaging machine changeover
  • Labour productivity has increased 77%
  • Average monthly output of Printing products is 124% higher than the highest in the history

Dinh Quang HuangChairman Batico Tin Thanh Plastic Packaging JSC.

Continent Packaging Corporation

As the result of the work with the IMPAC Team and with the management team as well as supervisors on the floor, we are about to achieve tangible results :

  • In Ho Nai factory reduction of machine down time and labour lost time from 40 % to 20 %, defect has been reduced by 14 %, overall productivity has been improved for 17%
  • A comprehensive system was developed and installed in order to meet the planned objectives. It also enables Management to pro-actively manage the department performance.
  • Improve the communication among the departments
  • Better sense of urgency to take corrective action
  • Management skills training

Lam Viet TrungChairmanContinent Packaging Corporation

NESTLE (Goplana S.A.)

The installed Energy and Production new systems,  as well as reinforcement training program have brought many positive changes in the factory, outlined hereinafter:

  • The new heating control system helped us to reduce local consumption due to the reduction of losses and increased efficiency of system consumption.
  • The new electricity control system.
  • The improvements have brought the 10% rework reduction and more efficient follow up on production process.
  • We have increased production norms and reduced the direct workload in the production area, which allowed us to slash the production costs.
  • The training sessions for middle management and supervisors have already benefit with the positive behaviour change and expanded managing skills.

Wiktor KurasiakManaging DirectorNESTLE (Goplana S.A.)


We have had a total of ten different area installations, as widely varying as production units and research and development or technical planning.!

The overall results have been that now, as the project is drawing to a conclusion, the savings achieved have already at this point exceeded the cost of the project by over siz times.

I sincerely recommend an IMPAC project for anyone interested in not only quick improvements but continuous progress and development in the future.

Lasse KurkilahtiPresident and Managing Director Nokia Tyres (Nokian Renkaat Oy)NOKIA


The total annual return of our investment into the project has reached 350 per cent (instead of the originally planned 1,400,000 euros it is now 2,500,000 euros). The cumulative saving realized during the project totally covers the cost of initiating the project itself. The rest of the improvements was clear from the beginning to the end with no problems at all.

These significant improvements originate primarily from four areas: the savings on the number of working hours, the decrease in the loss of raw material, the improvement of the utilization of packing material and the savings on domestic energy suppliers. In relation to the total need of working hours, the number of extra house has reduced by 30 percent.

The personal development training carried out among the higher and middle level managers was the main attraction of the project.

Temesvari KornelChairman/General ManagerFriesland