Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

NESTLE (Winiary SA.)

1. we have installed new managing systems in the following areas:

  • heating and electricity control
  • maintenance
  • six production departments

2. We have achieved the savings coming from the installed systems. The savings allowed us to get over 100% return of investment during the course of the project and guarantee over 330% return of investment one year after the completion of the project.

3. The systems installed include the labour and performance standards, which were developed according to Nestle requirements, as well as the tools for performance and efficiency follow up.

Our Winiary/IMPAC program resulted in a significant behavior change.

Karol MadrowskiPresident of the BoardNESTLE (Winiary SA.)


We are very pleased with the professional work performed by IMPAC team, which together with our people, have changed our warehouse logistics around.

The management behavior trainings, tailored to our specific needs, helped not only to change the mindset of our managers at all levels, but also supported our transition move into a new warehouse facility which occurred during the course of the project.

The initial planned annual savings from the project were exceeded. Our project reached the annual savings 30% more than it was expected.

Dragan MilicevicCommercial Director, Intersport RussiaINTERSPORT

Aker Engineering

We entered into cooperation with IMPAC in order to develop a more efficient organization, especially through improved first line management and supervision. Special attention has been given to our staff functions and the resource allocation and planning in our engineering disciplines.

Throughout the project we have developed new and improved systems and practices for day-to-day planning and follow-up, and our supervisors have been trained to support this in the future.

Further, we have taken an important step forward in the quality of personnel planning. We have also developed methods for initiating preventing actions to avoid extensive ad hoc work.

Svein BredahlManaging DirectorAker Engineering


I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the successful implementation of your Energy and Maintenance Program.

The cumulative weekly Energy savings have been accomplished at 180% level from the initial savings projection. These results are only from the first 25 stores in the scope, and will increase by installing all Gigante stores in Mexico, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Baja California regions.

The Gigante-Impac project is a major improvements process in our store operations. The above results have been achieved through continuous training of the personnel, and the behavior change towards greater cost awareness achieved without any capital investment of Gigante.

Juan Marti B. Director GeneralGIGANTE


For the evaluation of this project Chemopetrol-Impac I do not need high flying phrases. Let the numbers speak themselves: 350 million CzK increase in profit. Problems with cashflow are history and accounts receiveable decrease reached 3500 million CzK. Part of it is because of market refreshment in petrochemical products, but largly it is a result of the new management systems and change of peoples approach. And especially here IMPAC has played a fundamental role.

 Your team was definitely distinguished from the other consultancy companies by depth of solution of problems, ability to work with real figures, problems and people. The persistency of your specialists resulted in a change of behavior of our people from “this is imposible” towards “how can we do it”.


Ing. Dusan NepejchalGeneralni ReditelChemopetrol

Harry’s France SA.

The new management system, Access training workshops, and the follow-up work completed by the Project Team on the floor, resulted in 15% increase of productivity in our Talmont site. Raw material waist was also significantly reduced in this plant (-30%).

I also want to stress the fact that, during their 35 weeks long presence, the IMPAC Team have shown all the professionalism that one can expect. ‘No detail was neglected in helping our people to become more efficient in an economic environment where competition is ferocious.

Christian NesmeDirector of OperationsHarry’s France SA.

McDonald’s Ceska republika

We have achieved an average 15% productivity increase at our 28 restaurants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through the implementation of IMPAC 10 000 Programme and have been successful in achieving better compliance to our McDonald’s standards and better utilization of management control systems.

The financial results and the savings meet the forecast given.

Martin DlouhyManaging DirectorMcDonald’s Ceska republika

ALPS Electric

Our goal was to train lean team and design Lean manufacturing, Develop unified approach of norms development, unified methods for changeovers using S.M.E.D. method, develop unified company Flexibility matrix and training approach. Map all reporting process and identify duplications and lose-ends.

  • We have now fully trained and functional Lean team
  • Our trained team of process engineers determined work, assigning norm for our lines
  • New norms for changeovers were set. Changeovers will be performed according to S.M.E.D method and contributes to higher OPI.
  • We revised entire existing Maintenance management system focusing on workforce utilization and quantification of the Maintenance department performance.
  • Improvement of behavior of supervisors and managers-focusing on immediate corrective actions based on daily variance and regular follow up, improved cooperation and utilization of direct employees.

Tools and managerial training sessions show that our cooperation with IMPAC brings us significant improvement in overall efficiency. Therefore I would recommend IMPAC to any company looking for improvements, and higher profits.

Phil SaekiGeneral Manager Alps Electric Czech, s.r.o.ALPS Electric


IMPAC’s approach is simple yet effective. Today, problems are identified much earlier and prompt actions are taken subsequently. During the project, our managers and supervisors have received valuable management training both theoretical and practical, this together with a simple yet effective management system has also given us a very significant and positive result money-wise.

Mr. Keiichi HiroseManaging Director Sankyo Seiki (M) Sdn. Bhd.Sankyo

Nizhpharm OAO

We have, over the years invested much into gaining our current position in the top 3 of the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

I am glad to say that our decision to employ IMPAC this year in order to increase the productivity of our production department was a move in the same direction. In the past six months we have seen a productivity increase that has brought us savings due to the efforts of the IMPAC team.  We have seen our supervisors go from tracking the processes they are responsible for to actively planning and seeking out improvements.

Andrey MladentsevGeneral DirectorNizhpharm OAO