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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Pfizer Chemical Corporation

Control system was designed and implemented in a professional manner by the IMPAC team, giving us a management control system which addresses and solves many of our longstanding problems, such as:

  • Backlog control
  • Planning of work

The system has given us short interval manpower control to improve productivity, as well as variance analysis, crewing guides and performance indicators which enable management to highlight and take action on operational problems hitherto difficult to reconcile and quantify.

W.H.O ConnorManaging DirectorPfizer Chemical Corporation

Chong Wah Plastics Sdn. Bhd.

Your personnel assigned to our project are qualified and capable of carrying out the IMPAC Program successfully. The first installation of the IMPAC system in production department has brought about satisfactory results.

 The communications training workshops have succeeded in improving the confrontation and problem solving capabilities of the supervisors.

 We would be happy to recommend IMPAC to those companies interested in achieving improved profitability through increased productivity and cost savings.

Wee Hong ImChairman & Managing DirectorChong Wah Plastics Sdn. Bhd.

Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp.

I am very pleased to confirm that the project delivered the productivity improvement without compromising service quality.

We found your approach very effective. The control systems were designed and installed along with the area management, to ensure ownership. The management workshops and one on one coaching further reinforced the benefits of the systems, leading to lasting behavior change.

C. M. LuVice PresidentHi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp.

Adi Putro Wirasejati, Pt.

During the project the following results were achieved:

  •  Significant behavior change of managers, supervisors, foremans and operators.
  • Dramatic improvement of control at point of execution in production lines (action log, MOT and KPI).
  • Annualized saving representing 260% return on our investment.
  • Reducing Lead time in Bus Production from 62 days/unit to 39.5 days/unit.
  • Reducing Lead time in Minibus production for ELF type from 51.3 days/unit to 40 day/unit.
  • Lead time improvement in design engineering for new model from 56.6 days/unit to 36.5 days/unit
  • Quality improvement in Welding Department from 79% to 87%
  • Quality improvement in paneling department from 64% to 82%
  • Increase Productivity in terms of manhours from 12 hours/day producing 1.5 unit/day into 10 hours/day producing 2 units of buses.

By inviting IMPAC into our company, we have made improvements to face global competition and we feel ready to face the globalization era.

Simon JethrokusumoPresident DirectorAdi Putro Wirasejati, Pt.


New management systems for production and maintenance were developed, and tactical and technical workshops were conducted with our personnel. IMPAC identified unnecessary down time in machines, and optimum production line configurations and timing were quickly established by working very closely with our personnel.

Positive behavioral change was apparent in numerous supervisors at an early stage; but this change was of greater prominence and significance towards the middle and end of project.

Improvements in efficiency started in the first few weeks of the project, and savings started to flow in at the same time. Upon reaching two-third of the project, savings were already well above the cost of the entire project.

Hiroshi TeradaManaging Director Sharp Roxy Electronics Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.SHARP

Kedaung Industrial Ltd, Pt.

Today, our company is one of the largest manufacturers of glassware in the world.

During the 40 weeks project, the IMPAC team along with out management team had achieved the following results:

  1.      The average weekly saving for last month was 244% ROI which when annualized.
  2.       The efficiency (yield) which is used by us to measure the process productivity has been improved 31.5%
  3.       IMPAC assisted us installed a sophisticated data report system which covered all aspects of factory’s operation to summarize and report the KPIs of operation by each level.

IMPAC helped us to set up the preventive maintenance program to reduce the machine downtime caused by the breakdown, this helps for the efficiency improvement; SMED program helps us to reduce the changeover time.

Among all of these changes, I think the most important is that there was a great change, the sense of urgency when our management levels handle problems, and this change had improved the communication and cooperation among departments and management levels.

Suseng LimDirectorKedaung Industrial Ltd, Pt.


The first reaction to IMPAC supervision was that we were astonish that the IMPAC team could, through their professionalism, collect and analyze data from various sectors with high efficiency and accuracy within such a short period of time. And furthermore, the “Training” and “Monthly Progress” presentations to the Sanyo’s staff was excellent in which I myself had gained much knowledge and experiences that I was not aware during my years of working life.

The very thing about IMPAC System program is that, it is also mean to reform PT. SANYO Compressor Indonesia to achieve cultural assimilation. We could know see significant changes in the attitude and way of thinking of the Local Managers and Frontline Supervisors and Leaders, even though they were not that enthusiastic in the beginning.

Eiju HorieVice President Director Pt. Sanyo Compressor IndonesiaSanyo

McDonald’s Italia

We have increased productivity in the restaurants overall by 21% at the same time increasing sales and achieving 1,5 million euro in annualized savings, that were clearly identified in our P&L reports.

These results have been brought about mainly through implementing better behavior on the floor and improving our planning and communication practice.

The achieved behavioral change and improved communication resulting from the project will enable McDonald’s Italy to continuously improve it organization.

Mario FedericoChief of OperationsMcDonald’s Italia

Aker Engineering

We entered into cooperation with IMPAC in order to develop a more efficient organization, especially through improved first line management and supervision. Special attention has been given to our staff functions and the resource allocation and planning in our engineering disciplines.

Throughout the project we have developed new and improved systems and practices for day-to-day planning and follow-up, and our supervisors have been trained to support this in the future.

Further, we have taken an important step forward in the quality of personnel planning. We have also developed methods for initiating preventing actions to avoid extensive ad hoc work.

Svein BredahlManaging DirectorAker Engineering

U-tech Media Corporation

U-tech Hwa-Ya plant has experienced a successful improvement in productivity. Also, it became a group with the highest yield rate among the industries.

  • The yield rate of DVD rose from 73.10% to 89.22%
  • The yield rate of CD rose from 89.5% to 96.22%
  • Utilization of machinery rose from 80% to 86%
  • The average output per worker rose from 68,749 PCs to 101,889 PCs
  • The ROI of the project was 1651%

Rock KuanPresident, Global Manufacturing Business UnitU-tech Media Corporation