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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

IG Watteeuw CR s.r.o.

We began our cooperation with IMPAC in October 2008. The main goal of the project was to implement management systems that would allow producing more gear boxes for railways applications, improving planning, increasing machine utilization and maintenance as well train management and supervision in management techniques and tactics.

  • The number of gear boxes assembled weekly increase from 54 (average of 2008 before the project) to 82 (average of 2009)—which is 52%
  • Cumulative savings achieved at the end of the project are over 4 000 000,-EUR and actual ROI was above 400%
  • Thanks to the savings achieved our Out-Of-Pocket became positive as of week 8
  • The results are also reflected in improvement of EBITDA which increased by 12% points comparing to beginning of the project and contributed to the plant’s profitability”

Eric NeyrinckCEOIG Watteeuw CR s.r.o.


The behaviour change amongst the management has been successful especially as far as cost awareness and overtime control.

The crewing guides which have been developed is a very good tool for us to determine the manpower requirements for analyzed departments in future.

The savings projected during the analysis have been considerable in excess of the plan.

Dr. Rolf ZondlerGeneral Manager Nokia Audio Electronics GmbHNOKIA

Latinusa, Pt. (Krakatau Steel Group)

As for the results, it is quite obviously seen and felt in our bottom-line. As in any business prone to mood swings in the market, we too had our fair share of up and down moments but in the end I can say we had achieved the set targets of 100 % payback in pocket and an annualized savings of 300 % by end of the project.

I am very satisfied with the behavior change of my people.

I have personally benefitted from going through this IMPAC project. I now know it is possible to measure performance at the point of execution through selective key performance indicators.

Ahmad BananiPresident DirectorLatinusa, Pt. (Krakatau Steel Group)

Viet Hung

The IMPAC team has worked together with our people to analyze the activities, develop standards and review to improve our business processes. The training, both classroom and on the floor, has helped our people to improve their management skills and become familiar with the new procedures.

The project achieved the following results :

  • Full management systems has been developed from top management to floor supervisors, allowing us to have a better control over the organization
  • The behaviours of our people have changed in a positive way; they are more proactive in handling problems and taking corrective actions
  • The productivity has increased by 28%

Mr. Nguyen Viet HungChairman & CEOViet Hung

Ocean Canning Corporation, Inc.

It is now more than 3 years since the conclusion of the Ocean Canning/IMPAC Project at our tuna processing plant at General Santos, Mindanao.

IMPAC project team installed a Management Control System to control all activity in the Tuna Plant, from receipt of tuna to dispatch of finished product, producing substantial improvements and cash savings in the process.

My recent review found that not only are the essential elements of the system still soundly in place, but also that my management have themselves since fine-tuned and enhanced the system.

Overall I am pleased that the benefits of our collaboration have continued for so long and expect they will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Paul CandelariaPresident/CEOOcean Canning Corporation, Inc.

APM Terminals

We are now in week 18 of our 35-week project with IMPAC and I wanted to take this opportunity to share my views with you regarding the work done so far.

By working on the floor with the supervisors and installing new management systems we have managed to get our resource utilization levels up with approximately 5% and have realized savings of more than 300% above plan.

Day after I am amazed of the behaviour change that the executives and I can observe amongst our managers and supervisors.

Hendrik S. ChristensenManaging DirectorAPM Terminals

PLOMA, a.s.

Our goal was to reduce payroll and other operational costs through productivity increase in production and maintenance areas simultaneously with increase of sales.

  • Savings
  • Change of the behavior of supervisors and production manager-focusing on immediate corrective actions based on daily variance and regular follow up.
  • Improvement of internal communication within the whole company
  • Improvement of meeting effectiveness with clear action plans s outcome
  • Follow up, evaluation and systematic reduction of downtimes

Implemented tools and managerial training sessions show that our cooperation with IMPAC bring us coveted results. Therefore I would recommend IMPAC implementation program to any company looking for improvements and higher profits.

Martin CernyChief Executive OfficerPLOMA, a.s.


The total annual return of our investment into the project has reached 350 per cent (instead of the originally planned 1,400,000 euros it is now 2,500,000 euros). The cumulative saving realized during the project totally covers the cost of initiating the project itself. The rest of the improvements was clear from the beginning to the end with no problems at all.

These significant improvements originate primarily from four areas: the savings on the number of working hours, the decrease in the loss of raw material, the improvement of the utilization of packing material and the savings on domestic energy suppliers. In relation to the total need of working hours, the number of extra house has reduced by 30 percent.

The personal development training carried out among the higher and middle level managers was the main attraction of the project.

Temesvari KornelChairman/General ManagerFriesland

Kedaung Industrial Ltd, Pt.

Today, our company is one of the largest manufacturers of glassware in the world.

During the 40 weeks project, the IMPAC team along with out management team had achieved the following results:

  1.      The average weekly saving for last month was 244% ROI which when annualized.
  2.       The efficiency (yield) which is used by us to measure the process productivity has been improved 31.5%
  3.       IMPAC assisted us installed a sophisticated data report system which covered all aspects of factory’s operation to summarize and report the KPIs of operation by each level.

IMPAC helped us to set up the preventive maintenance program to reduce the machine downtime caused by the breakdown, this helps for the efficiency improvement; SMED program helps us to reduce the changeover time.

Among all of these changes, I think the most important is that there was a great change, the sense of urgency when our management levels handle problems, and this change had improved the communication and cooperation among departments and management levels.

Suseng LimDirectorKedaung Industrial Ltd, Pt.

K&H Bank

As the project draws to a close I want to thank you and all Impac colleagues for a job well done.

We consider that the approach has not only been able to help us realize opportunities of efficiency improvement but has also helped bring about a change in mind set on the part of the leaders of these units.

John HollowsK&H Bank