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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Nizhpharm OAO

We have, over the years invested much into gaining our current position in the top 3 of the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

I am glad to say that our decision to employ IMPAC this year in order to increase the productivity of our production department was a move in the same direction. In the past six months we have seen a productivity increase that has brought us savings due to the efforts of the IMPAC team.  We have seen our supervisors go from tracking the processes they are responsible for to actively planning and seeking out improvements.

Andrey MladentsevGeneral DirectorNizhpharm OAO


I would like take a few minutes to give you a short progress report:

  • Excellent Turn Around
  • Major reduction in customer complaints
  • One day turn on all domestic orders
  • 100% Inventory Accuracy
  • Service Level 100%
  • Reduction in receiving errors
  • Ability to meet demands of unannounced increases in outbound orders
  • Increase Productivity
  • Quality errors to zero

C. WraySR. ManagerFedEx


I can tell you that the results have well fulfilled my expectations and the savings guaranteed in the agreement has been realized.

As a result of the training given to our supervisors, and the systems you assisted us in installing, we have now complete control of the areas and the method to deal with the daily problems.

Matti Saynevirta General Manager Nokia Metal ProductsNOKIA

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

IMPAC’s approach is simple, systematic, and effective. The Management Control System installed have been of great help in identifying improvement opportunities and subsequently, in taking prompt action.

During the project, our Managers and Supervisors have received valuable management training both theoretical and practical, this together with a simple, systematic and effective Management Control System has given us significant improvements in all installation areas.

Due to your method of combining management training with process development, we have managed to change the behavior of our managers and supervisors. In addition, communication within and between departments has also improved significantly.

Tan Sri Dato’ Haji (Dr) Ani Bin AropeExecutive ChairmanTenaga Nasional Berhad

Foster Electric

 IMPAC worked closely with our people to design new systems that focused on the key points of control. Everything was examined and analysed in detail, including our standard times, crewing levels and scheduling. Improved scheduling with tighter control allowed us to save in excess of $100,000 in Overtime costs in the month of October alone.

Training of our people has been integral part of the project. I found Access Management training to be simple and effective in getting our people to see their roles and responsibilities in the new systems and change process.

I would njot hesitate to recommend IMPAC to anyone keen on seeing sustainable improvement made in their companies, especially in these challenging times that we are faced with.

Yukio MiyataManaging Director, Foster Electric (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Foster Electric

Solaris Bus & Coach

We see the improvement everyday. IMPAC’s team showed us hidden opportunities, which we did not see before and show us capability of our people by increasing their involvement. IMPAC team cooperates with all levels of our management very professionally and helps us to structure responsibilities at all levels. Our managers see now new opportunities for their departments and the whole company. People started working as a team, are more involved in their every day tasks and are happy when they see improvements.

The IMPAC operation covered the determination of precise operational goals for all management levels, optimization of planning process and resource allocation, implementation of control, performance follow up and reporting tools, and as the most important point improving information flow channels and personal responsibilities.

Krzysztof OlszewskiChief Executive Officer Solaris Bus & Coach

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad

Two main goals were to improve the overall performance of our operations through behaviour change of the employees and to realize a break-even situation between fees paid to IMPAC and savings in operational costs before the end of the year. Both targets were met as promised and your enthusiastic and professional project team was instrumental in this.

Our people, especially the first line supervision, are now equipped with sound management fundamentals and have learned to utilize performance indices to confront poor performances. The new management system that was installed in the manufacturing areas helped supervisors to control operations at the point of execution.

Furthermore, the installed controls made our peoples more aware of the cost implications of lost time, rejects, rework and scrap, thus making them proactive in addressing such problems. Productivity has improved dramatically during the course of the project.

Cees H M RuygrokManaging DirectorDutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad

Continent Packaging Corporation

As the result of the work with the IMPAC Team and with the management team as well as supervisors on the floor, we are about to achieve tangible results :

  • In Ho Nai factory reduction of machine down time and labour lost time from 40 % to 20 %, defect has been reduced by 14 %, overall productivity has been improved for 17%
  • A comprehensive system was developed and installed in order to meet the planned objectives. It also enables Management to pro-actively manage the department performance.
  • Improve the communication among the departments
  • Better sense of urgency to take corrective action
  • Management skills training

Lam Viet TrungChairmanContinent Packaging Corporation

Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation

The Impac Program has been installed in our factory for a period of 2 years and I am happy to say that it is still as successful as it was during the first year.

I am sure other companies who are interested in reducing costs, and enhancing productivity would benefit from the implementation of an Impac Program.

Chie-Yien HsuePresidentChung Hwa Pulp Corporation


As a result of IMPAC implementation, we have seen the behavior change in particular areas:

  • From reactive to preventive with planning tools
  • More effective communication for both inter and intra departments
  • Increased level of compliance to company procedure through clear role and responsibility                

In terms of operation achievements, the project has successfully achieved:

  • Significant increase in productivity
  • Significant increase in productivity
  • Great reduction downtime (line stop)
  • Locator system installation leads to effective working tool in warehouse

We found your approach very effective. With 43 calendar weeks of the program, you are able to change our people behavior and improve our operation, which we have tried to achieve for the last 10 years.

Toru OgoPresident Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., LtdFujitsu