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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Royal Porcelain Public Company Ltd.

When we started the program, there were three overall objectives

  • Provide Managers with the essential management fundamentals
  • Create and organization climate where Managers are continuously instilling the passion, energy. Enthusiasm and edge.
  • Turn Managers into potential Business Leaders.

All the objectives were met as promised and most important the enthusiastic and energy now been demonstrated by staff who successfully completed the program.

The program has also invigorated the staff interest in effective project management, creativity, responsibilities and accountability.

Vanchai TosomboonManaging DirectorRoyal Porcelain Public Company Ltd.


The managers and the first line supervision have improved the control of their operations and have now a much greater awareness of their performance. We are able to better plan our resources according to our needs. Variances to our plan are detected early, and the control systems have provided our people with the tools to take appropriate corrective action at the right time.

As a result of the behavioral training that has coincided with the installation of the management controls, we have noticed a positive change in both the supervisors and the line leaders behavior.

Efficiency and productivity are expected to scale up with the sound management fundamentals imparted by the IMPAC team.

Considering all the above, I would recommend this program to be evaluated by any executive that is aiming at improving the productivity of their organization in a sustainable way.

Osamu YanooManaging Director, Matsushita Electric Works (Thailand) Ltd.Panasonic


We, in Nestle Norway thus engaged Impac and commissioned them to fine-comb the whole of our organization, i.e. three factories and our head-office/ sales organizations. The work was concluded and the result achieved-obviously varying somewhat from place to place-not only achieved our expectations, but even surpassed them in most instances.

In our work with Impac, we discovered that your organization basically is a system or tool-probably currently the best one on the market-which helps the customers to achieve the desired results with regard to productivity and efficiency.

 The training of our mid-and supervisory management, the training of internal coordinators, the sensibilisation of the management team as well as the continued follow-up from Impac’s side have all contributed to that extend.

 Concluding I ought also to mention that in our case Impac’s engagement led to a situation where we could maintain production volumes with roughly 30% less resources used.

Pierre GoetschiPresident A/s Nestle NorgeNESTLE

CAUTRE Export Goods Processing JSC.

Having worked closely together with IMPAC, CAUTRE has made significant achievements:

  • Significant Behaviour Change of top executives, managers and supervisors
  • Management Systems have been reinforced and developed significantly
  • Better Control of Product Quality
  • Managers and supervisors are more pro-active ; working more systematically ; and more efficently
  • Company’s output increased by 15 %
  • Return on Investment (ROI) is 285 %

Ms. Tran Thi Hoa BinhGeneral DirectorCAUTRE Export Goods Processing JSC.

McDonald’s Italia

We have increased productivity in the restaurants overall by 21% at the same time increasing sales and achieving 1,5 million euro in annualized savings, that were clearly identified in our P&L reports.

These results have been brought about mainly through implementing better behavior on the floor and improving our planning and communication practice.

The achieved behavioral change and improved communication resulting from the project will enable McDonald’s Italy to continuously improve it organization.

Mario FedericoChief of OperationsMcDonald’s Italia

Furnilac Primaguna, Pt.

Just in the first week of the project IMPAC can deliver savings for us, and at week 10 of the project, the savings we got was over what has been guaranteed.

Now after project week 30, I can say our company performs during the project as described below,

  • Volume of sales increase 36.6%
  • Productivity increase 14.4%
  • Project cost recovery 216% compared with 95% promised during analysis
  • My people enjoy to fix problems rather than blame someone else
  • The production flows smoothly
  • I and my executive director can easily monitor the production process

Dian Soekino TheosabrataPresident DirectorFurnilac Primaguna, Pt.

Royal Korindah, Pt.

As overall results of the IMPAC Implementation program, we want to mention:

  •  Improved management control systems in production, PPIC, Packing, Pre-Production as well as our Branches.
  • Improved inter and intra communications between departments.
  • Improved problem solving techniques.
  • Reduction in scrap/rework.
  • Reduce material consumption.
  1. Improvement in productivity in factory by 38%
  2. ROI 544%
  3. Savings in Pocket at the end of the Project at the rate of: 140.57%

Through the ACCESS Communication program workshops our supervisory and mid-management have learned important skills in giving and following up on assignments, as well as reporting on variances. They also acquired confrontation techniques, problem solving techniques and cost awareness training.

Jun Ho LeeDirectorRoyal Korindah, Pt.

HID Corporation

I continually speak to both my staff’s about passion and “owning their work”, repeatedly asking them to treat the business as if it was theirs. I have used IMPAC as an example, a number of times, when speaking of passion.

IMPAC’s efforts go beyond the incredible hours they keep. The IMPAC team has worked its way into the fabric of my organizations and in both of them has become a trusted confidant of my managing staffs. This I believe is the true gift. My people bare their professional should to the IMPAC team members, out of wanting to be better and to make every effort to not disappoint them.

You should know that I was one of the three decision makers to bring IMPAC on board at HID. I was a bit of a skeptic. Two months into the implementation we purchased our biggest competitor, my first phone call was to IMPAC saying I wanted a team with me from day one to help me understand and scale the new business. IMPAC was there to insure a successful transition.

I am a true believer; your process has been a great lesson in the leadership of change.

Steven J. WagnerPresidentHID Corporation


It is my firm belief that Impac has a lot to offer to any organization seeking to improve their operation’s productivity and profitability. It is my intent to enlist Impac’s support wherever and whatever in the future to drive profit improvements which is very necessary to survive in today’s business climate.

Toru KoyasuChairman & President Isuzu Philippines CorporationISUZU

McDonald’s Ceska republika

We have achieved an average 15% productivity increase at our 28 restaurants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through the implementation of IMPAC 10 000 Programme and have been successful in achieving better compliance to our McDonald’s standards and better utilization of management control systems.

The financial results and the savings meet the forecast given.

Martin DlouhyManaging DirectorMcDonald’s Ceska republika