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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Novorossiysk Commercial Seaport JSC.

IMPAC 10000 system implementation has helped OVM supervisors to enhance their ability to plan and distribute maintenance jobs in a accordance with certain priorities, gave an opportunity to control jobs done effectively, eliminate lost time and take timely corrective actions if problems arise, as well as streamline report – actions taken relationship.

As a result of work completed, enhanced control, measures aimed at lost time elimination we were able to better define workloads and get a productivity improvement of 23%.

Together with IMPAC specialists we have developed the project of major mechanization restructuring. The scheme that takes into consideration maintenance specifics will benefit us in the following ways:

  • major improvement in communication between mechanization and maintenance areas and cargo areas and other port departments
    - considerably decrease payroll costs (40% on average)
  • higher efficiency of the work and considerable downtime decrease
  • shorter response time

Igor D. PashchenkoHead of Machinery DepartmentNovorossiysk Commercial Seaport JSC.


We, in Nestle Norway thus engaged Impac and commissioned them to fine-comb the whole of our organization, i.e. three factories and our head-office/ sales organizations. The work was concluded and the result achieved-obviously varying somewhat from place to place-not only achieved our expectations, but even surpassed them in most instances.

In our work with Impac, we discovered that your organization basically is a system or tool-probably currently the best one on the market-which helps the customers to achieve the desired results with regard to productivity and efficiency.

 The training of our mid-and supervisory management, the training of internal coordinators, the sensibilisation of the management team as well as the continued follow-up from Impac’s side have all contributed to that extend.

 Concluding I ought also to mention that in our case Impac’s engagement led to a situation where we could maintain production volumes with roughly 30% less resources used.

Pierre GoetschiPresident A/s Nestle NorgeNESTLE

Metaphil, Inc.

The appeal of IMPAC was precisely the focus on the shop floor, the frontlines, middle managers and the emphasis on performance to agreed upon standards.

With time and opportunity, we will multiply our gains through productivity consciousness at all levels. The savings are there and the attitude change in our management has been significant.

Roberto E. AboitizPresident & CEOMetaphil, Inc.

Mayora Indah, Pt.

During the last several months IMPAC did a professional job in interfacing with our employees, in particular our supervisory personnel in the areas of Production, PPIC, Quality Control and Engineering. We feel that your Access Communications program workshops where our supervisory as well as mid-management have learned important skills in supervision. The training given has motivated them to supervise better and IMPAC has given them better capabilities to plan, control and follow-up their area.

We saw the improvement in the production as well as maintenance system, the supervisor’s receptiveness to changes and in incorporating and applying a system to their jobs.

Since we now have the systems and a significant change in attitude and behavior of the team, I am fully confident that we will reach corporate goals.

Andre Sukendra AtmadjaDirectorMayora Indah, Pt.


In a short period of time, the IMPAC team has found the way how to provide savings, through increasing productivity with the main focus on behavior change and control mechanism, as well as other potentials which were not in out previous awareness nor internally identified.

The results of the past 10 months showed that the installation of IMPAC Implementation program successfully activated a transparent system enabling a better understanding and follow-up responsibilities.

Our supervisors and managers were able to utilize performance indexes to measure and confront low performance. They have become enthusiastic and proactive in achieving their responsibilities.

S.C. ChenPresident Jean Co., LtdK-Tronics

Viet Hung

The IMPAC team has worked together with our people to analyze the activities, develop standards and review to improve our business processes. The training, both classroom and on the floor, has helped our people to improve their management skills and become familiar with the new procedures.

The project achieved the following results :

  • Full management systems has been developed from top management to floor supervisors, allowing us to have a better control over the organization
  • The behaviours of our people have changed in a positive way; they are more proactive in handling problems and taking corrective actions
  • The productivity has increased by 28%

Mr. Nguyen Viet HungChairman & CEOViet Hung

Paglieri Sell System

The management systems have been changed, there have been changes in the planning procedures and in the methods of evaluating results.

We achieved good results in the warehouse operations and in labour savings. These results have consolidated and they keep improving.

In 2006 we started another, more difficult, project with IMPAC, with the goal of improving the productivity, and therefore reducing the costs, of the merchandisers organization that refills the supermarkets all over Italy.

We’re achieving very good results and there are signs that show additional improvements.

Laura PaglieriAdministratore DelegatoPaglieri Sell System

The First National Glassware, Pt.

I would like to share with you the progress of 4 quarterly audit visits to follow-up on FNG-IMPAC.

We are pleased to see:

  • Our yields keep stable on average 82.34% level, compare with 76.29 before the project and 85.39 at the end of the project.
  • Downtime keep on the level of 4,166.07 minutes/week, compare with 12,189.77 minutes/week before the project the project and 3,201.00 minutes/ week at the end of the project.

I am very happy with this project and I would recommend it to other Companies that wants to improve their productivity and management control systems.

Mr. Agus H GunawanChief Executive OfficerThe First National Glassware, Pt.


I am satisfied with the results of the IMPAC/SEI project. What I found most valuable as the result of project are as follows:

  • locals at the manager level have began to take initiatives to take steps for solving the problems in their areas on their own
  • Operators are more aware about lost time related to productivity
  • Operators and management are mutually working together to create a better working environment.

As for the final result of the IMPAC project, which has been to improve our employees productivity performance up to around 15%, and we look at these improvements as an excellent return on our investment through implementation of the IMPAC program.

Akira TakadaPresident Director Pt. Sony Electronics IndonesiaSONY

ALPS Electric

Our goal was to train lean team and design Lean manufacturing, Develop unified approach of norms development, unified methods for changeovers using S.M.E.D. method, develop unified company Flexibility matrix and training approach. Map all reporting process and identify duplications and lose-ends.

  • We have now fully trained and functional Lean team
  • Our trained team of process engineers determined work, assigning norm for our lines
  • New norms for changeovers were set. Changeovers will be performed according to S.M.E.D method and contributes to higher OPI.
  • We revised entire existing Maintenance management system focusing on workforce utilization and quantification of the Maintenance department performance.
  • Improvement of behavior of supervisors and managers-focusing on immediate corrective actions based on daily variance and regular follow up, improved cooperation and utilization of direct employees.

Tools and managerial training sessions show that our cooperation with IMPAC brings us significant improvement in overall efficiency. Therefore I would recommend IMPAC to any company looking for improvements, and higher profits.

Phil SaekiGeneral Manager Alps Electric Czech, s.r.o.ALPS Electric