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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


The goals and targets set up from the start of the project have all been reached, exceeding what was expected from the very beginning.

Productivity has within the period been improved by 14% and will within 1 year exceed the target of 20%. Scrap from the production line has been reduced by 70% and approval rate at the end of the production line has increased with 10%.

On top of this, training of the supervisors has taken place, and I am convinced that the company will gain from this in the future.

The process working together with IMPAC was beneficial, the consultants worked in a professional way and showed high flexibility, if something in the process had to be changed or altered at the same time the presence of IMPAC ensured the necessary focus, speed and the structure in the project.

Finn Buus NielsenMaersk Container Industrial ASMAERSK

South Pacific

ViscoseIMPAC ACCESS utilized various diagnostic techniques and information from the initial Analysis of our company to tailor a series of workshops specifically designed to address our weaknesses and to develop our personnel.

The workshops were conducted for all levels of management. This laid the foundation for a common management approach throughout the organization.

With a multi-cultural management team of Indonesians, Indians, Austrians, and others learning together in the ACCESS Workshops, a strong sense of teamwork is developed based on mutual respect and a common purpose of collective success. We have a vision of our future and are confident of our ability realize that vision.

Mr. Craig BarkerPresident DirectorSouth Pacific Viscose

Delta Sport

Now, our IMPAC project us completed and I must say that I’m amazed with the fact that we received much more than you promised to us.

Why? Well, let’s get the numbers to speak for themselves:

  • Actual Return on Investment 1 year after the project completion: 450%!!!
  • Actual cashflow of the project: 120% of fee paid to IMPAC. Project was completed in very positive cash territory, at the project’s completion we gained 20% more than we paid.
  • Cumulative profit improvement is 170% of the plan!!1
  • All the above was achieved without any additional investment.

Needless to say, our decision to go ahead with IMPAC is now more than justified.

Goran S. KaricChief Executive OfficerDelta Sport

NESTLE (Winiary SA.)

1. we have installed new managing systems in the following areas:

  • heating and electricity control
  • maintenance
  • six production departments

2. We have achieved the savings coming from the installed systems. The savings allowed us to get over 100% return of investment during the course of the project and guarantee over 330% return of investment one year after the completion of the project.

3. The systems installed include the labour and performance standards, which were developed according to Nestle requirements, as well as the tools for performance and efficiency follow up.

Our Winiary/IMPAC program resulted in a significant behavior change.

Karol MadrowskiPresident of the BoardNESTLE (Winiary SA.)

Lone Star Steel Company

I have been most impressed with the quality and the methodology of the IMPAC Area Development Process.

The growing in cooperation and communication between our departments throughout the process has been impressive to see. The IMPAC people have effected positive changes in our managers and supervisors. The change in this area has been strongly influenced by an excellent “Goals Roll Down Process.” This has forces departments and people, which have not always worked well together, to break down old barriers and work collectively toward common goals.

Gary E. BraunSr. Vice PresidentLone Star Steel Company

Royal Korindah, Pt.

As overall results of the IMPAC Implementation program, we want to mention:

  •  Improved management control systems in production, PPIC, Packing, Pre-Production as well as our Branches.
  • Improved inter and intra communications between departments.
  • Improved problem solving techniques.
  • Reduction in scrap/rework.
  • Reduce material consumption.
  1. Improvement in productivity in factory by 38%
  2. ROI 544%
  3. Savings in Pocket at the end of the Project at the rate of: 140.57%

Through the ACCESS Communication program workshops our supervisory and mid-management have learned important skills in giving and following up on assignments, as well as reporting on variances. They also acquired confrontation techniques, problem solving techniques and cost awareness training.

Jun Ho LeeDirectorRoyal Korindah, Pt.

Veropharm, OAO

To achieve the goals of the project it was necessary to make changes in the way our managers, supervisors and production staff thought about their roles in our operations.

Changes in behaviour and newly implemented management systems allowed for achieving the goals determined at the beginning of the project:

  • Productivity increased in all departments by 9% to 30%
  • Overtime hours consumption was reduced by 8% to 10%
  • The throughput on the 10g ampoule line increase by 40%

Reporting systems was improved in a way that all variances and arising problems are immediately identified and corrective actions are taken.

Anton ParkanskyGeneral DirectorVeropharm, OAO

Tan Hiep Phat Trade & Service Co., LTD

As a result of the work IMPAC has done, we have seen improved productivity and utilization of the lines by 25% and reduced losses by 40%.

Based on these experiences we are very satisfied with the IMPAC System as well as the results achieved. We already received the forecasted ROI of 250%.

The IMPAC project is a foundation on which you build a future with the assurance of success. We have also begun a second project with IMPAC for additional successes in other area of our organization to improve our current Staff Productivity.

Dr. Tran Qui ThanhChairman and CEOTan Hiep Phat Trade & Service Co., LTD

Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp.

I am very pleased to confirm that the project delivered the productivity improvement without compromising service quality.

We found your approach very effective. The control systems were designed and installed along with the area management, to ensure ownership. The management workshops and one on one coaching further reinforced the benefits of the systems, leading to lasting behavior change.

C. M. LuVice PresidentHi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp.


The first reaction to IMPAC supervision was that we were astonish that the IMPAC team could, through their professionalism, collect and analyze data from various sectors with high efficiency and accuracy within such a short period of time. And furthermore, the “Training” and “Monthly Progress” presentations to the Sanyo’s staff was excellent in which I myself had gained much knowledge and experiences that I was not aware during my years of working life.

The very thing about IMPAC System program is that, it is also mean to reform PT. SANYO Compressor Indonesia to achieve cultural assimilation. We could know see significant changes in the attitude and way of thinking of the Local Managers and Frontline Supervisors and Leaders, even though they were not that enthusiastic in the beginning.

Eiju HorieVice President Director Pt. Sanyo Compressor IndonesiaSanyo