Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.


The project was focused on three installation areas within the Campus: Purchase, Energy and the Maintenance sections of the General Service area. During the project systems have been installed which allow us to have a better control on the operations. This control, together with specific savings program has come along with a process efficiency in the various aspects of warehousing, purchasing, energy consumption, cleaning and gardening.

I want to point out that the results have been obtained in direct collaboration with our personnel of the supervisory and management level, without affecting our operations and with a minimum additional investment.

Ing. Eduardo Diza SanchezAdministrative and Physical Plant DirectionITESM

Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp.

I am very pleased to confirm that the project delivered the productivity improvement without compromising service quality.

We found your approach very effective. The control systems were designed and installed along with the area management, to ensure ownership. The management workshops and one on one coaching further reinforced the benefits of the systems, leading to lasting behavior change.

C. M. LuVice PresidentHi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp.


Scope was to substantially redesign the administration process and therewith reduce the headcount & cost in the administration and sales back offices. The project was conducted in due time and produced substantially savings.

Alain BEYENSZone President CEE!nBev

Vita Food Co., Ltd.

In the beginning, many in the company questioned if the magnitude of return as a result of the project could really be big enough to justify such an investment of over 30 million baht.

However, my intentions had been only to improve the overall performance of our operations through behavior change of the employees and to realize a break-even situation between fees paid to IMPAC and annualized savings in operational costs at the end of the project.

We are now reaping the fruits of the IMPAC 10000 program. The financial benefits generated during the program were impressive. We have saved 137% more than was originally projected. More significantly we got back a return on investment of 332%.

Siriwan TangcharoenchaichanaManaging DirectorVita Food Co., Ltd.


The managers and the first line supervision have improved the control of their operations and have now a much greater awareness of their performance. We are able to better plan our resources according to our needs. Variances to our plan are detected early, and the control systems have provided our people with the tools to take appropriate corrective action at the right time.

As a result of the behavioral training that has coincided with the installation of the management controls, we have noticed a positive change in both the supervisors and the line leaders behavior.

Efficiency and productivity are expected to scale up with the sound management fundamentals imparted by the IMPAC team.

Considering all the above, I would recommend this program to be evaluated by any executive that is aiming at improving the productivity of their organization in a sustainable way.

Osamu YanooManaging Director, Matsushita Electric Works (Thailand) Ltd.Panasonic


The change process was extremely quick. This process took only seven months to materialize.

The new control systems and management reports were created at the factory plant by IMPAC in conjunction with ABB management, these are now the foundations that will help us prepare for a more competitive market.

Carlos DomingoManaging Director ABB Metron, S.A.ABB


During the IMPAC project we implemented several system tools in each department that enabled us to look at quality on an hourly and daily base. Our managers, supervisors and quality auditors were trained to use the quality management system implemented.

As a result, we are able to identify quality issues in the department where it happens before it proceeds to the next department or before it reached the end of the process. This has decreased the cost of scraped and reworked parts in each department. Scrap has decreased significantly. Rework levels have improved slightly and it is due to the fact that more parts are being reworked instead of scraped.

Currently we can see the improvement in efficiency in our production which has increased on average from 100% depending on the department. In some departments efficiency increased up to 27%. At the same time we have reduced lost and non productive times.

Steffen BinoderPlant ManagerNovem

Nahm Sanitaryware Co., Ltd

As we have seen, the managers and supervisors have improved the control of their operations, and now have a much greater awareness of their performance. We are now able to better communicate goals through all levels of the company, plan our resources according to our real needs, follow-up to ensure the plan is executed and tackle all variances to plan. As a result of the reporting system installed and the key performance indicators tracked, our people are now very much focused on taking preventive and corrective action promptly.

As a result of the ACCESS Communication and Leadership training that has coincided with the installation of the Management Control System, we have noticed a positive change in the supervisors’ behaviors. The IMPAC team was worked very closely with our people throughout the process, to ensure a successful transfer of skills and methodology, ensuring ownership on the systems installed.

Natacha PhenjatiPresidentNahm Sanitaryware Co., Ltd


I would like take a few minutes to give you a short progress report:

  • Excellent Turn Around
  • Major reduction in customer complaints
  • One day turn on all domestic orders
  • 100% Inventory Accuracy
  • Service Level 100%
  • Reduction in receiving errors
  • Ability to meet demands of unannounced increases in outbound orders
  • Increase Productivity
  • Quality errors to zero

C. WraySR. ManagerFedEx


We, in Nestle Norway thus engaged Impac and commissioned them to fine-comb the whole of our organization, i.e. three factories and our head-office/ sales organizations. The work was concluded and the result achieved-obviously varying somewhat from place to place-not only achieved our expectations, but even surpassed them in most instances.

In our work with Impac, we discovered that your organization basically is a system or tool-probably currently the best one on the market-which helps the customers to achieve the desired results with regard to productivity and efficiency.

 The training of our mid-and supervisory management, the training of internal coordinators, the sensibilisation of the management team as well as the continued follow-up from Impac’s side have all contributed to that extend.

 Concluding I ought also to mention that in our case Impac’s engagement led to a situation where we could maintain production volumes with roughly 30% less resources used.

Pierre GoetschiPresident A/s Nestle NorgeNESTLE