Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

PLOMA, a.s.

Our goal was to reduce payroll and other operational costs through productivity increase in production and maintenance areas simultaneously with increase of sales.

  • Savings
  • Change of the behavior of supervisors and production manager-focusing on immediate corrective actions based on daily variance and regular follow up.
  • Improvement of internal communication within the whole company
  • Improvement of meeting effectiveness with clear action plans s outcome
  • Follow up, evaluation and systematic reduction of downtimes

Implemented tools and managerial training sessions show that our cooperation with IMPAC bring us coveted results. Therefore I would recommend IMPAC implementation program to any company looking for improvements and higher profits.

Martin CernyChief Executive OfficerPLOMA, a.s.


It is my firm belief that Impac has a lot to offer to any organization seeking to improve their operation’s productivity and profitability. It is my intent to enlist Impac’s support wherever and whatever in the future to drive profit improvements which is very necessary to survive in today’s business climate.

Toru KoyasuChairman & President Isuzu Philippines CorporationISUZU

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

IMPAC’s approach is simple, systematic, and effective. The Management Control System installed have been of great help in identifying improvement opportunities and subsequently, in taking prompt action.

During the project, our Managers and Supervisors have received valuable management training both theoretical and practical, this together with a simple, systematic and effective Management Control System has given us significant improvements in all installation areas.

Due to your method of combining management training with process development, we have managed to change the behavior of our managers and supervisors. In addition, communication within and between departments has also improved significantly.

Tan Sri Dato’ Haji (Dr) Ani Bin AropeExecutive ChairmanTenaga Nasional Berhad

Polymindo Permata, Pt.

These are only a few examples of what we have gained during the Project:

  •  Within 6 months of the project, the productivity of our machines has grown by 33.75% in May 2008 compared to year 2007.
  • Simultaneously, the percentage of waste decreased by 15.8%.
  • Overtime ratio generated by factory workers reduced by 15%.
  • (SMED) implementation program which has resulted in a 17.9% reduction in set up time
  • Positive behavior change has been shown by supervisory and mid- management level which is very critical to the point of execution. The supervisors are now applying IMPAC’s 8 supervisory skills and their concept system very well on the floor.

I recommend IMPAC to everyone who cares about the growth of his company! IMPAC Project is the foundation on which you build the future with assurance of success.

Junus SumardiPresident DirectorPolymindo Permata, Pt.

Coca Cola Beverages Slovakia

Following an initial period of analysis, specific opportunities for improvements in productivity and cost reduction driven by not only right-sizing activities, but also changes to our management and planning activities were clearly identified by IMPAC team.

The subsequent changes were implemented by our personnel with the total support of IMPAC thus ensuring that ownership for the change process remained fully with our managers and supervisors which were provided with very specific targeted training to assists them in accomplishing their goals. The IMPAC approach to our business review has forced many of our managers to “re-think” the way they manage their teams to achieve their objectives.

The forecast savings identified by IMPAC have been achieved and in fact have exceeded their original estimates.

Ivan StefanecGeneral ManagerCoca Cola Beverages Slovakia

 McDonald’s Hungary

The Major focus of our joint efforts was to facilitate the behavior change and more business-like behavior of the Restaurant Managers and Operation Consultants, that would result in better bottom line corporate profit.

Through the introduction and application of the IMPAC 10000 Program over 32 restaurants we have achieved an average 20% productivity increase and we have been successful in inducing better compliance to McDonald’s standards and more effective utilization of management control systems. Expressed in financial terms, the project brought a 210% return of the initial investment on an annualized basis.

I can see positive changes in behavior of both the Operations Consultants and Restaurants managers:

  • They are able to plan for utilize the resources better
  • They are more proactive
  • They are able to identify opportunities for further improvement
  • They are more committed to our company goals

Radek JanalikOperations DirectorMcDonald’s Hungary


IMPAC functions not only as advisors, but also participated actively in the development and implementation of our new system. Managers at all levels have been involved in the process, and have taken responsibility to implement the agreed upon changes.

IMPAC represents a strong and systematical method that improves the companies bottom line. Throughout the project this method has been adapted to our specific situation and needs.

The channels of communication has been analysed and improved at all levels of the organization. The degree of communication between supervisors and coworkers has been improved significantly.

IMPAC’s management training has been closely tied to the new system installations that have taken place. This has contributed to a fairly painless implementation of the necessary changes.

In general we are convinced that the IMPAC project has improved productivity, and also given us valuable input for further development of Electrolux.

Ken PetersonManaging DirectorElectrolux

Swedish Meats

The Impac team, in close cooperation with all management levels, has exceeded our expectations not only with regard to what has been achieved to date but the opportunity it has provided us to move forward and take on the challenges we face in our competitive market.

  • New management Control Systems in all departments.
  • Acceleration of some restructuring measures.
  • More efficient cooperation and communication between the Management and Supervision.
  • Increased personnel utilization level and behavioral change at all levels.
  • 20% reduction of our operational costs.

In closing I would say that SWEDISH MEATS has benefited greatly from the relationship with IMPAC.

P. RasztarCEOSwedish Meats

Novorossiysk Commercial Seaport JSC.

IMPAC 10000 system implementation has helped OVM supervisors to enhance their ability to plan and distribute maintenance jobs in a accordance with certain priorities, gave an opportunity to control jobs done effectively, eliminate lost time and take timely corrective actions if problems arise, as well as streamline report – actions taken relationship.

As a result of work completed, enhanced control, measures aimed at lost time elimination we were able to better define workloads and get a productivity improvement of 23%.

Together with IMPAC specialists we have developed the project of major mechanization restructuring. The scheme that takes into consideration maintenance specifics will benefit us in the following ways:

  • major improvement in communication between mechanization and maintenance areas and cargo areas and other port departments
    - considerably decrease payroll costs (40% on average)
  • higher efficiency of the work and considerable downtime decrease
  • shorter response time

Igor D. PashchenkoHead of Machinery DepartmentNovorossiysk Commercial Seaport JSC.


IMPAC’s approach is simple yet effective. Today, problems are identified much earlier and prompt actions are taken subsequently. During the project, our managers and supervisors have received valuable management training both theoretical and practical, this together with a simple yet effective management system has also given us a very significant and positive result money-wise.

Mr. Keiichi HiroseManaging Director Sankyo Seiki (M) Sdn. Bhd.Sankyo