Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

British Rail

Working closely with all levels of management within the ISU, planning and control systems have been developed and implemented. A 4:1 Return on Investment, double your initial proposal has also been achieved. The training sessions conducted by yourselves have had a dramatic effect on the way Supervisors and Managers behave.

I have no doubt that the work carried out here will place us on a very firm footing for the forthcoming privatization of our industry.

Peter ForbesGroup Director SouthBritish Rail

Pfizer Chemical Corporation

Control system was designed and implemented in a professional manner by the IMPAC team, giving us a management control system which addresses and solves many of our longstanding problems, such as:

  • Backlog control
  • Planning of work

The system has given us short interval manpower control to improve productivity, as well as variance analysis, crewing guides and performance indicators which enable management to highlight and take action on operational problems hitherto difficult to reconcile and quantify.

W.H.O ConnorManaging DirectorPfizer Chemical Corporation

U-tech Media Corporation

The yield rate of our production reached 86% in the first few weeks after project started and made a new highest point in the record. We were surprised that correct attitude of supervisor level, managers and augmented control of every production machine can substantially improve the yield rate. This is a new confine that science cannot reach.

Steven Chang, D.B.AChairman and CEOU-tech Media Corporation


It is my firm belief that Impac has a lot to offer to any organization seeking to improve their operation’s productivity and profitability. It is my intent to enlist Impac’s support wherever and whatever in the future to drive profit improvements which is very necessary to survive in today’s business climate.

Toru KoyasuChairman & President Isuzu Philippines CorporationISUZU

Vanda Factory Co., Ltd.

The installed controls made our people more aware of the cost implications of lost time, rejects, rework and scrap, thus making them proactive in addressing such problems. Reporting system gives managers and supervisors a cohesive picture of the organization’s performance on a regular basis and enables them to immediately identify, quantify and control variances.

The ACCESS workshop sessions have aided our executives, managers, and supervisors to realize their roles and responsibilities in the management chain. The one-on –one coaching sessions have helped a lot in transforming theories and concepts to practical on the job application.

Your very professional and dedicated team members truly worked hard to educate the Coordinators to be our next change agent. The Coordinators are now in charge to implement continuous improvement in various areas in the organization.

We are now reaping the fruits of the IMPAC 10000 program. The financial benefits generated during the program were impressive. We got back a return on investment of 369%.

Siriwan TangcharoenchaichanaManaging DirectorVanda Factory Co., Ltd.

Ta Yang Group

Impac was invited to commence the 30 weeks project on May 2008. As a result of the work with IMPAC team during this period with the management team as well as with the supervisors on the floor we are able to achieve tangible results, such as:

  1. Project Cum Savings till now already exceeds the total cost of the project. Cum Annualized Savings ROI is 450%.
  2. In Factory II we able to achieve an increased of material ratio from 62% to 77%
  3. In Factory I (JINHE), comparing to Company Standards we improved the overall labour productivity from 74% in July to 90% in October.
  4. PAP program generated more than 150 proposals with annualized saving 207,604 RMB.


David HuangExecutive DirectorTa Yang Group

Pizza Hut

As a result of the behavioral training, along with the design and installation of the management controls, we are experiencing a renewed excitement among our Restaurant General Managers and team members. We are seeing a positive change in our Supervisor’s behavior with the concepts being taught in the communication workshop classes.

Our management group now posses the enhanced skill sets required to accelerate and perpetuate a working environment of continuous improvement.

Our managers have improved control over the operation of their units and have a greater awareness of their own performance and that of their subordinates.

We are seeing behavior changes in individuals, dramatic in several cases by following IMPAC recommendations.

Joyce LunsfordCEO / PresidentPizza Hut

Swedish Meats

The Impac team, in close cooperation with all management levels, has exceeded our expectations not only with regard to what has been achieved to date but the opportunity it has provided us to move forward and take on the challenges we face in our competitive market.

  • New management Control Systems in all departments.
  • Acceleration of some restructuring measures.
  • More efficient cooperation and communication between the Management and Supervision.
  • Increased personnel utilization level and behavioral change at all levels.
  • 20% reduction of our operational costs.

In closing I would say that SWEDISH MEATS has benefited greatly from the relationship with IMPAC.

P. RasztarCEOSwedish Meats


I can say that we have achieved the targets laid down at the beginning of the project: installation of the management systems and identified operational productivity increase of 30%. I appreciate the hard work and perseverance demonstrated by your staff. They met stiff skepticism from our Finance staff, most of whom were never before exposed to appropriate management systems during their careers.

The installation of new management systems, and a new attitude towards effective management could not have been achieved without your professional assistance.

Jan LamserMember of the Board Senior Executive OfficerCSOB

McDonald’s Italia

We have increased productivity in the restaurants overall by 21% at the same time increasing sales and achieving 1,5 million euro in annualized savings, that were clearly identified in our P&L reports.

These results have been brought about mainly through implementing better behavior on the floor and improving our planning and communication practice.

The achieved behavioral change and improved communication resulting from the project will enable McDonald’s Italy to continuously improve it organization.

Mario FedericoChief of OperationsMcDonald’s Italia