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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Dätwyler Cables

After having accomplished so far six other projects with IMPAC, we decided to conduct a comprehensive Training Programme with the help of IMPAC.

The training programme focused on “Best in Class”-principles and behavior, containing training on systems and leadership, planning and role responsibility, as well as compliance and cooperation.

Furthermore we were able to design new management goals for our Foreman and Area Manager in order to future increase the results of the previous projects; resulting effectively in an ROI of 210%, and to make our people ready for future challenges.


Johannes MüllerExecutive Vice PresidentDätwyler Cables

Dai Nippon Printing Indonesia, Pt.

As overall results of the IMPAC 10000 program, we want to mention:

  • Improved management control systems in production, planning, QA/QC as well as Maintenance
  • Improved inter and intra communications between department
  • Improved problem solving techniques
  • Reduction in scrap/rework
  • Reduce material consumption

Significantly, the above has resulted in:

  1. Improvement in material losses by 30%
  2. overtime cost reduction by 8%

Even more important perhaps than the financial result is the achievement in setting the grounds for a proper behavior at the supervisory and mid-management level.

Masaru ShojiPresident DirectorDai Nippon Printing Indonesia, Pt.

Jakarta Tunggal Citra, Pt.

During the project, IMPAC were then able to work together with our manager and department head identify problem & they able set key control tool to encounter those problem. Through their hard work these are the results we able to achieve:

  •  Improvement in our productivity.
  • Department head able to target and monitor each and every worker productivity.
  • Manager and department head start to care problem & finding solution.
  • Accuracy in our stock level by installing few monitoring tools.
  • 5S program that make our working environment cleaner, organize and discipline.

Slowly but surely we do see s culture change in our worker and department head. Therefore, I would recommend IMPAC implementation program to any company looking for improvement & better efficiency.

Henry SukiantoManaging DirectorJakarta Tunggal Citra, Pt.

Tollpost Globe

We launched two programs called “NY TID” 1& 2. Both programs focused on productivity improvements and tangible results in the area of Terminal operation, Local distribution, B2B and reduction of fixed costs in administration. The IMPAC Program supported especially Terminal Operation and Local distribution and helped to reduce frictions caused by the tough actions required.

In addition key meetings on Executive level and the Operational side as well as on the Sales side had been monitored and coached. This feedback opened communication channels within the organization and allowed us to further progress.

What we find today is now a group of Depot Managers who appear to be much more self- assured and consistent in their actions compare to half a year ago. Also Teambuilding has arrived on the agenda and is now seen as a skill to nurture.

Our productivity improvement at the Terminal operation reached 12% despite the fact we changed the base level, because we integrated all personnel working for the Terminal operation into the indicator colli/manhour. Local distribution gained 7% of increase on stop/car. Both developments gave us improvements in the height of 2 digit million NOK.

I can recommend IMPAC to all companies who are interested tin tangible results and genuine productivity improvements.

Robin OlsenManaging DirectorTollpost Globe

Pick Szeged

The developed management system meant a training and coaching to the managers at the same time. We consider it important that during trainings persuasion was used as a tool: or managers and supervisors could check the usability of the system before and during implementation through practical examples. This has become a base for long term, continuous and high level utilization.

This way the level of spontaneous actions decreased and we achieved a high level of productive operation.

Laszlo KovacsPresident- CEOPick Szeged

U-tech Media Corporation

U-tech Hwa-Ya plant has experienced a successful improvement in productivity. Also, it became a group with the highest yield rate among the industries.

  • The yield rate of DVD rose from 73.10% to 89.22%
  • The yield rate of CD rose from 89.5% to 96.22%
  • Utilization of machinery rose from 80% to 86%
  • The average output per worker rose from 68,749 PCs to 101,889 PCs
  • The ROI of the project was 1651%

Rock KuanPresident, Global Manufacturing Business UnitU-tech Media Corporation

Dätwyler Cables

As a result of the work during this period with the management team as well the supervisors on the floor and installing new management systems we have, together with the IMPAC team, managed to get up productivity of our machines by roughly 15%,and the productivity of our employees up by 50% in some cases. In relation to the financial results in project week 26, – 4 weeks before competition of the project- I can say we have reached 150% of the savings IMPAC promised to us after the analysis they performed at our company.

Johannes MüllerExecutive Vice PresidentDätwyler Cables

Monte-Blanco Diamond Applications Co., Ltd

The IMPAC team along with our management team had achieved the following results:

  1. According to our original KPI to measure the over all productivity, the average revenue per labor of production system had been improved 14.4% in the first 6 months of 2011.
  2. The productivities of workers for all workshops had been improved remarkably, especially in the workshop 2 and workshop mechanical, with the improvement 44.1% and 41.9%.
  3. IMPAC assisted us installed a sophisticated data report system which covered all aspects of production’s operation to summarize and report the KPIs of operation. The influence of the project is not limited in production area, but all departments started to do the periodic review of KPIs and improve their performance with the assistance of IMPAC team.
  4. Correct the management behaviors and to train the management skills of our supervisors were parts of the major task of the project.

IMPAC helped us to set up the Norms of the major materials utilization and control the materials waste gradually by using Norms. And also, the “Lead Time Reduction” program that been set up accordingly to the actual situation of our company could change the time usage in the production process.

YuHang YinChairman & Managing DirectorMonte-Blanco Diamond Applications Co., Ltd

ING Bank (now RBS Polska)

We started this management system improvement program and have covered approximately 40% of our operational teams. We have committed to furthering the investment in time and money and plans exist for the analysis phase for the next 40% of the operations organization.

The results are visible and appreciated by both line and management layers. These results have been achieved by hand work on both parts of the project and organizational teams involved and particularly I wanted to indicate the fresh and practical, though somewhat frank approached your team take. It leads into situation resolution which is needed in programs such as these and I believe we have benefited from their presence.

Don KochExecutive Vice President Management BoardING Bank (now RBS Polska)


We have achieved significant efficiency and productivity improvements increase in the different plants with the help of your team. Through the application of sound management fundamentals, we are learning to make the changes required to accelerate and perpetuate a working environment of continuous improvement.

There was a positive change in the behavior and attitudes of our managers and all our staff are now much more aware of the objectives and needs of the business and the part they are expected to play in achieving our goals.

Throughout the project, the IMPAC team working with our Management team adopted a strong systematic approach to installing effective systems to manage and control the key elements of our business.

Armando B. EscobarPresidentVITARICH