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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Coca Cola Beverages Slovakia

Following an initial period of analysis, specific opportunities for improvements in productivity and cost reduction driven by not only right-sizing activities, but also changes to our management and planning activities were clearly identified by IMPAC team.

The subsequent changes were implemented by our personnel with the total support of IMPAC thus ensuring that ownership for the change process remained fully with our managers and supervisors which were provided with very specific targeted training to assists them in accomplishing their goals. The IMPAC approach to our business review has forced many of our managers to “re-think” the way they manage their teams to achieve their objectives.

The forecast savings identified by IMPAC have been achieved and in fact have exceeded their original estimates.

Ivan StefanecGeneral ManagerCoca Cola Beverages Slovakia


The change process was extremely quick. This process took only seven months to materialize.

The new control systems and management reports were created at the factory plant by IMPAC in conjunction with ABB management, these are now the foundations that will help us prepare for a more competitive market.

Carlos DomingoManaging Director ABB Metron, S.A.ABB

Laboratoires FujiFilm S.A.

We are approaching the end of our first Project, and I am pleased to express my complete satisfaction concerning the achieved results in three of our major sites. IMPAC has brought us success, thanks to the implementation of a simple yet efficient management operating system, complemented by individual training for managers and supervisors.

The excellent cooperation between the IMPAC team and our management has generated a true dynamics for change in our company. Our personnel is now focused on reducing operating costs in their day-to-day activities. Processing coherent and appropriate management tools, we have finally accomplished a dream which has been ours for the past 20 years: our managers’ behavior has evolved considerably, and we have now the tools to identify variances and to take corrective action in real time and on a continuous basis.

Claude DavelayChairman of the boardLaboratoires FujiFilm S.A.

BCM Electronics Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

The new management system that was installed in the manufacturing areas helped the supervisors to control operations at the point of execution. Furthermore, the installed controls made our people more aware of the cost implications of lost time, rejects, rework and scrap, thus making them more proactive in addressing such problems. Productivity has improved dramatically during the course of the project, from 60% last year to an average of 90% to date.

Lim Keng HockChairmanBCM Electronics Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

The First National Glassware, Pt.

I would like to share with you the progress of 4 quarterly audit visits to follow-up on FNG-IMPAC.

We are pleased to see:

  • Our yields keep stable on average 82.34% level, compare with 76.29 before the project and 85.39 at the end of the project.
  • Downtime keep on the level of 4,166.07 minutes/week, compare with 12,189.77 minutes/week before the project the project and 3,201.00 minutes/ week at the end of the project.

I am very happy with this project and I would recommend it to other Companies that wants to improve their productivity and management control systems.

Mr. Agus H GunawanChief Executive OfficerThe First National Glassware, Pt.


Summarizing the results and my opinion of the work carried out the following can be said:

  • realized savings are on yearly base what we had expected.
  • the factory management achieved a better cost awareness.
  • the operation is restructured in a more rational way.
  • your way of working has been systematic and result-oriented.
  • the work carried out by your peoples has been of high quality.

Your people and our factory management have proved that potential savings are possible to realize. With the programmes installed as well as the spirit of the factory management I am confident that what has been achieved, will be permanent or even improve.

Cato NaesfeldtA/s Nestle NorgeNESTLE

Karn Corn Co., Ltd.

With the support and guidance by IMPAC, we were established our company goals and expectations, and rolled it down to all management levels. The improved management system helped supervisors to control operations at the point of execution. Furthermore, the installed controls made our people more aware of the cost implications of lost time, rejects and scrap, thus making them proactive in addressing such problems.

The financial benefits generated during the program were impressive. We got back a return on investment 325%.

Siriwan TangcharoenchaichanaManaging DirectorKarn Corn Co., Ltd.

PLOMA, a.s.

Our goal was to reduce payroll and other operational costs through productivity increase in production and maintenance areas simultaneously with increase of sales.

  • Savings
  • Change of the behavior of supervisors and production manager-focusing on immediate corrective actions based on daily variance and regular follow up.
  • Improvement of internal communication within the whole company
  • Improvement of meeting effectiveness with clear action plans s outcome
  • Follow up, evaluation and systematic reduction of downtimes

Implemented tools and managerial training sessions show that our cooperation with IMPAC bring us coveted results. Therefore I would recommend IMPAC implementation program to any company looking for improvements and higher profits.

Martin CernyChief Executive OfficerPLOMA, a.s.


The IMPAC organization has done a very good and professional job. IMPAC met their commitments and delivered result as promised. Communication Strategies Workshops will serve as a good foundation for perpetuation of the culture change which was the real key to success of this project. Workshops, combined with the efforts of the engineers will allow us to take this to next level.

Philippe A. ArchinardPresidentbioMerieux


Through the application of sound management fundamentals, such as establishing our vision, mission, and expectations, mutually agreeing to those expectations, following up on performance, properly identifying and quantifying variances, we are learning to make the changes required to accelerate and perpetuate a working environment of continuous improvement.

Our management team is improving our controls over the operation of IRR and have a greater awareness of our own performance and that our subordinates. This is leading to performance improvement throughout our entire IRR organization.

  1. Management meetings are much more efficient.
  2. We are learning the most effective ways to handle issues and how to confront people over compliance, planning for a win-win situation more often.
  3. We are seeing behavior changes in individuals, dramatic in several cases by following IMPAC recommendations.
  4. Our employees are becoming more proactive through the systems of tools.

Mark KurthGeneral Manager, IRRFedEx