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Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Swedish Meats

A new management system has been developed and installed, and non-value adding has been scrapped. We also reorganized maintenance department putting maintenance direct into the Production area. We have achieved significant results, and I would like to highlight a few:

  • Internal performance improved by 13%
  • External resources reduced by 10%
  • Significant reduction of overtime hours.”

Thomas PerkioDirector Production and LogisticsSwedish Meats

Dai Nippon Printing Indonesia, Pt.

As overall results of the IMPAC 10000 program, we want to mention:

  • Improved management control systems in production, planning, QA/QC as well as Maintenance
  • Improved inter and intra communications between department
  • Improved problem solving techniques
  • Reduction in scrap/rework
  • Reduce material consumption

Significantly, the above has resulted in:

  1. Improvement in material losses by 30%
  2. overtime cost reduction by 8%

Even more important perhaps than the financial result is the achievement in setting the grounds for a proper behavior at the supervisory and mid-management level.

Masaru ShojiPresident DirectorDai Nippon Printing Indonesia, Pt.


Our supervisory personnel have improved their job performance and the communication program has helped us in improving the communication with our manager, supervisor, foreman, utilities and general workers. The program made our supervisory employees more conscious of proper labor utilization and improve their communication technics.

Luis DavilaManufacturing Director, Matsushita Electric of Puerto Rico, Inc.Panasonic

Dätwyler Cables

After having accomplished so far six other projects with IMPAC, we decided to conduct a comprehensive Training Programme with the help of IMPAC.

The training programme focused on “Best in Class”-principles and behavior, containing training on systems and leadership, planning and role responsibility, as well as compliance and cooperation.

Furthermore we were able to design new management goals for our Foreman and Area Manager in order to future increase the results of the previous projects; resulting effectively in an ROI of 210%, and to make our people ready for future challenges.


Johannes MüllerExecutive Vice PresidentDätwyler Cables

Bakrie Building Industries, Pt.

The accomplished results have exceeded our initial expectations and our return on investment and cash-flow is significant. The savings attained are in line with the plan and quite well reflected on the bottom line.

On the shop-floor, we have improved on work methods, upgraded our systems and procedures. This has enables us to plan and control the operations in more capable and efficient manner.

There is also a general paradigm shift amongst the management, whereby we can see positive changes in attitudes and behavior.

Joseph W. InkiriwangChief Executive OfficerBakrie Building Industries, Pt.


During the IMPAC project we implemented several system tools in each department that enabled us to look at quality on an hourly and daily base. Our managers, supervisors and quality auditors were trained to use the quality management system implemented.

As a result, we are able to identify quality issues in the department where it happens before it proceeds to the next department or before it reached the end of the process. This has decreased the cost of scraped and reworked parts in each department. Scrap has decreased significantly. Rework levels have improved slightly and it is due to the fact that more parts are being reworked instead of scraped.

Currently we can see the improvement in efficiency in our production which has increased on average from 100% depending on the department. In some departments efficiency increased up to 27%. At the same time we have reduced lost and non productive times.

Steffen BinoderPlant ManagerNovem

Transportes PITIC

Together with the IMPAC team we successfully developed and installed management systems in our Sales and Maintenance Areas and we are finalizing the systems in the systems in the Logistics and Warehouse Areas. Key indicators have been defined that allow us to make better decisions about our business. Since we have multiple locations spread throughout Mexico, the consistency that was established as part of the system important to us.

The Access training was a major support for the systems that were designed and installed in each of the areas.

In addition to the efforts mentioned above, IMPAC has greatly contributed in defining a more efficient organization chart for my company.

Jorge Cons FigueriDirector GeneralTransportes PITIC

Hayakawa Electronics

I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with the results that we have achieved through this project.

Many things have changed in our organization with the help of IMPAC:

  • The Goals Roll Down Process helped us to establish our company goals and expectations, and this gave all level of management the direction
  • Setting up of the Departmental Key performance Indicators gave us a tool to objectively monitor departmental performance
  • The new Material Control System has helped us reduce our material constraint problem.
  • The Sales Skills program has enhanced the skills of the sales force to enable them to bring in more new business for Hayakawa.

Our coordinator has been trained and he is equipped with the knowledge and experience gained during the project.

The ACCESS Communication Workshops have been an integral part of the project. I found the training to be simple and effective in getting our people to see their roles and responsibilities in the new systems. I can clearly see the behavior change in my people.

The financial benefits generated during the program will provide us with a 5:1 ROI. More significantly, we got back 100% of our investment in week 33 of the project. The behavior changes in our people, clarity of the company’s objectives, objective performance measurements, and more pro-active management are the major output of these changes.

Junji TetsuoPresident Hayakawa Electronics Philippines, Corp.Hayakawa Electronics

Tyco Electronics

During the project, significant time was spent on training our managers who participated in workshop sessions on general management topics. These where basic and implementable management principles such as Key Competences of an Effective Manager, Barriers to Change, Confrontation and Confrontation Planning, and Cooperation.

After the training sessions, individual coaching was performed with the participants during which time they implemented and experienced the new methods in their day-to day working environment. As a result of the project the active supervisory time spent on the floor has increased by 40% and the quality of the supervision has also improved. These changes are also visible in the latest productivity figures of the company and we are confident that we will see further improvements in the future.

Kevin WolffTyco Electronics Director Cost Improvement & Six Sigma LeanTyco Electronics

Au Bon Marche

At the start of the project we formulated the following objectives:

  • To halt the decline in sales
  • To reduce costs
  • To change the behaviour of management staff

By implementing the measures of the project together, we have managed to halt the decline in sales of the past 7 years. A sustainable reduction of staff costs was also achieved. The annualized improvements realized a ROI of 1:9:4 related to the investment in the project. The operative improvements, which were realized over the period of the project, amounted to 3.7 times of the project investment.

I particularly appreciate the fact that it was possible to react in a flexible manner to any day-today developments and that project groups were put in place at short notice which addressed

  • The optimisation of logistics
  • The optimisation of personnel development planning and a reduction of the personnel costs
  • The optimisation of marketing activities
  • Sales training programmes for approx. 1000 sales assistants

The new management system has resulted in the implementation of structured work practices in the branches and an improvement in the quality of our presentation at points of sale. This was an important contribution to the positive development of our sales figures.

M. FleischmannDirectorAu Bon Marche