Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Gunaparamita Primasatya, Pt.

I am surprised to see what has been developed by IMPAC and I did not expect to have such tremendous improvement on the floor level. Simply speaking, IMPAC Program is not just about achieving results but more about teaching how to get results.

1. SAP realtime re-implemented at all areas of the company.

2. Balance Output between Corrugator to converting area, increase Finish Goods on time delivery to customer from 20% into 100%. Production Planning move into Just In Time method.

3. Close Coaching to supervisors so that they able to take corrective & preventive action follow RACI.

Wilfred Hanafi President DirectorGunaparamita Primasatya, Pt.

Delta Electronics

With the significant success of the 1st DELTA-IMPAC project, we continued with two additional projects with IMPAC. The 2nd DELTA-IMPAC project was with a continuance of the Skills Integrated Program and the Advance Management Training, while the 3rd DELTA-IMPAC project which ran concurrently involved our other plants. Our decision was based on the fact that IMPAC proved that they were able to achieve the returns of investment according to the potential savings schedule. In addition, we saw significant behavior change in a number of our senior staff achieving a higher level of skills.

The IMPAC approach and concept is uniquely basic, yet systematic and effective. The Operational, Skills and ACCESS programs have taught my people that the basic way of managing an organization is the KEY to success. They have also provided the tools in identifying improvement opportunities and subsequently, getting my people to take prompt and effective actions.

James Ng Kong MengPresident Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Ltd.Delta Electronics


The total annual return of our investment into the project has reached 350 per cent (instead of the originally planned 1,400,000 euros it is now 2,500,000 euros). The cumulative saving realized during the project totally covers the cost of initiating the project itself. The rest of the improvements was clear from the beginning to the end with no problems at all.

These significant improvements originate primarily from four areas: the savings on the number of working hours, the decrease in the loss of raw material, the improvement of the utilization of packing material and the savings on domestic energy suppliers. In relation to the total need of working hours, the number of extra house has reduced by 30 percent.

The personal development training carried out among the higher and middle level managers was the main attraction of the project.

Temesvari KornelChairman/General ManagerFriesland

PHI – Poh Huat Furniture Ind. Vn. JSC.

Simply speaking, I am impressed.

Productivity in our two production lines has increased significantly, and we are enjoying savings that are well above the plan presented by IMPAC after initial analysis. Improvements in systems and productivity have also helped to increase our quality.

Mr. Toh Kim ChongGeneral ManagerPHI – Poh Huat Furniture Ind. Vn. JSC.

ING Bank (now RBS Polska)

Our combined teams had been set a very challenging goal for this project-to increase productivity in the Financial Markets and Strategic Clients Department, an area we strongly believed is well managed and disciplined. To date, together with our supervisors and managers, the IMPAC team has demonstrated the ability to develop and install the necessary tools to achieve the productivity targets ambitiously set at the beginning of the project.

Don KochExecutive Vice President Management BoardING Bank (now RBS Polska)

SCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

The main objective of this program was meant to be a cost reduction drive, and through the above has resulted in:

1. Improvement in material utilization by 18.5%

2. Reduction in maintenance cost by 28.6%

3. Labour cost reduction by 10.92%. Major contributor to this reduction is in the overtime cost.

The savings guaranteed in the agreement has exceeded the promise several times and we can also see the improved financial impact in our financial statements.

Peter C. SmerlingManaging DirectorSCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation

The Impac Program has been installed in our factory for a period of 2 years and I am happy to say that it is still as successful as it was during the first year.

I am sure other companies who are interested in reducing costs, and enhancing productivity would benefit from the implementation of an Impac Program.

Chie-Yien HsuePresidentChung Hwa Pulp Corporation

Vita Food Co., Ltd.

In the beginning, many in the company questioned if the magnitude of return as a result of the project could really be big enough to justify such an investment of over 30 million baht.

However, my intentions had been only to improve the overall performance of our operations through behavior change of the employees and to realize a break-even situation between fees paid to IMPAC and annualized savings in operational costs at the end of the project.

We are now reaping the fruits of the IMPAC 10000 program. The financial benefits generated during the program were impressive. We have saved 137% more than was originally projected. More significantly we got back a return on investment of 332%.

Siriwan TangcharoenchaichanaManaging DirectorVita Food Co., Ltd.


We, in Nestle Norway thus engaged Impac and commissioned them to fine-comb the whole of our organization, i.e. three factories and our head-office/ sales organizations. The work was concluded and the result achieved-obviously varying somewhat from place to place-not only achieved our expectations, but even surpassed them in most instances.

In our work with Impac, we discovered that your organization basically is a system or tool-probably currently the best one on the market-which helps the customers to achieve the desired results with regard to productivity and efficiency.

 The training of our mid-and supervisory management, the training of internal coordinators, the sensibilisation of the management team as well as the continued follow-up from Impac’s side have all contributed to that extend.

 Concluding I ought also to mention that in our case Impac’s engagement led to a situation where we could maintain production volumes with roughly 30% less resources used.

Pierre GoetschiPresident A/s Nestle NorgeNESTLE

Apteki 36,6

We are the largest pharmaceutical chain shops in Russia. After almost seven years we have in Moscow Region more than 100shops-large, medium and small.

Our project covered two major areas- operational and coaching. Operational part is very important as together with Impac team we invented new management system with its own tools which is necessary to manage such an amount of stores.

From tactical point of view Impac team led us with professional trainings which completed the operational part. After workshops-people found out new face of their positions and now work with the system and feel responsible for it. They are now one team that works for one company to reach common goal.

I have to mention also that average weekly additional profit that fluctuates in between 15 000- 20 000 USD is not all we reached after project. For me more important and valuable is change which I can see in people’s behavioiur. It is priceless and worth each proce.

Olga BogomolovaExecutive Director, ZAO “Apteki 36,6”Apteki 36,6