Million Dollar Quotes

Here are just a few things our clients have had to say about their experience with the IMPAC® productivity system.

Lone Star Steel Company

I have been most impressed with the quality and the methodology of the IMPAC Area Development Process.

The growing in cooperation and communication between our departments throughout the process has been impressive to see. The IMPAC people have effected positive changes in our managers and supervisors. The change in this area has been strongly influenced by an excellent “Goals Roll Down Process.” This has forces departments and people, which have not always worked well together, to break down old barriers and work collectively toward common goals.

Gary E. BraunSr. Vice PresidentLone Star Steel Company


The good cooperation of IMPAC people and our own line organization has resulted in an efficient control system. The system reports most of the resource and cost variances and allows corrections in real time.

The behavior change amongst the management and line supervisors has started successfully specially in the areas of cost awareness and resource utilization.

The promised R.O.I. has been achieved.

Reijo LanttoManaging Director Salcomp Oy ; Nokia Consumer EelectronicsNOKIA

Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation

The Impac Program has been installed in our factory for a period of 2 years and I am happy to say that it is still as successful as it was during the first year.

I am sure other companies who are interested in reducing costs, and enhancing productivity would benefit from the implementation of an Impac Program.

Chie-Yien HsuePresidentChung Hwa Pulp Corporation

Laboratoires FujiFilm S.A.

We are approaching the end of our first Project, and I am pleased to express my complete satisfaction concerning the achieved results in three of our major sites. IMPAC has brought us success, thanks to the implementation of a simple yet efficient management operating system, complemented by individual training for managers and supervisors.

The excellent cooperation between the IMPAC team and our management has generated a true dynamics for change in our company. Our personnel is now focused on reducing operating costs in their day-to-day activities. Processing coherent and appropriate management tools, we have finally accomplished a dream which has been ours for the past 20 years: our managers’ behavior has evolved considerably, and we have now the tools to identify variances and to take corrective action in real time and on a continuous basis.

Claude DavelayChairman of the boardLaboratoires FujiFilm S.A.


I would like to express my satisfaction with the result achieved, not only financially, but in the development of the new structure and installation of management operating systems.

Your program showed our people how to think differently about cost control and management of people. Thanks to the IMPAC project our management has changes their attitude to the jobs, have been able to plan and process major organizational structure changes. Now we are better in team- work with stronger cost awareness. We are able to better plan our resources according to our needs, and as a result, we are optimizing our cost.

Now we run our company not only with much lower costs level but also with people positive changes through success they achieved.

Jonas BorupPilkington

Latinusa, Pt. (Krakatau Steel Group)

As for the results, it is quite obviously seen and felt in our bottom-line. As in any business prone to mood swings in the market, we too had our fair share of up and down moments but in the end I can say we had achieved the set targets of 100 % payback in pocket and an annualized savings of 300 % by end of the project.

I am very satisfied with the behavior change of my people.

I have personally benefitted from going through this IMPAC project. I now know it is possible to measure performance at the point of execution through selective key performance indicators.

Ahmad BananiPresident DirectorLatinusa, Pt. (Krakatau Steel Group)

Grupo Radio Centro

Three main objectives were establishes for the “Great Challenge of Change” project.

  1. Develop an organizational balance.
  2. Increase 10% of sales over actual budget.
  3. Improve the credit and collect area.

The objectives promised, by the IMPAC team were accomplished.

Very important tools were developed for our sales executives in our four commercial areas. These tools helped them reach and upgrade the objective established at the beginning.

The ACCESS program developed an attitude change in the Grupo Radio Centro personnel, directors, managers and supervisors.

Adrian-Aguirre GomezChairmanGrupo Radio Centro

Harry’s France SA.

The new management system, Access training workshops, and the follow-up work completed by the Project Team on the floor, resulted in 15% increase of productivity in our Talmont site. Raw material waist was also significantly reduced in this plant (-30%).

I also want to stress the fact that, during their 35 weeks long presence, the IMPAC Team have shown all the professionalism that one can expect. ‘No detail was neglected in helping our people to become more efficient in an economic environment where competition is ferocious.

Christian NesmeDirector of OperationsHarry’s France SA.

Tolpost Globe

The team on site was capable of changing my view of organizational respectively systematic work approach. They provided me and my leading team with a new mental model which will allow our organization to be prepared for the challenges of the future to work in a smarter and more efficient way.

I can report productivity improvement at the end of Oct 2005 compared to Oct 2004 of 9.1%, which to a significant part could be achieved by applying the IMPAC systematic work approach.

Robin OlsenManaging DirectorTolpost Globe


IMPAC’s approach is simple yet effective. Today, problems are identified much earlier and prompt actions are taken subsequently. During the project, our managers and supervisors have received valuable management training both theoretical and practical, this together with a simple yet effective management system has also given us a very significant and positive result money-wise.

Mr. Keiichi HiroseManaging Director Sankyo Seiki (M) Sdn. Bhd.Sankyo