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There are employment career opportunities with the world’s largest specialists in productivity improvement and quality enhancement.

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IMPAC® systems work in over 60 countries around the world and offer many exciting and financially rewarding career opportunities. IMPAC people have the chance to participate within the international culture of a truly global effort. IMPAC licensed companies around the world and are recognized as leaders in productivity, innovation and creative management engineering.

Outstanding opportunities are available in IMPAC licensed companies in the areas of Operations, Training, Sales, and Management. Advancement within the organization is rapid, due, in part, to the exceptional internal training programs that are in place. Whereas many organizations plan for careers with individual advancements taking years and even decades, exceptional talent is recognized early in a person’s career, then supported, nurtured, mentored and developed rapidly through evaluations. Skills learned during the early days of one’s career are later used in pursuing successful higher level management positions such as Project Director, Unit Vice President, and/or Analyst. Those individuals who demonstrate talents in training and communication skills may join IMPAC’s ACCESS Behavioral Training Group which provides and improves management and supervisory skills for client personnel.

Cross training, career guidance and fast-track advancement are a matter of practice. Performance is a byword.

Because of the extensive and extremely successful internal training programs, entry level candidates are particularly encouraged to apply. The growth of each company has been through the development of these people and has been exceptional on a worldwide basis. IMPAC continues to look for people who have the vision and drive to be managers and leaders in the future.

The Staffs of IMPAC licensed companies are people on the go and they travel on a consistent basis. They generally leave home on a Sunday evening; they stay at a location close to a client’s premises during the week, and return home on Friday.

While on assignment, besides their compensation, approved expenses are reimbursed. Expenses may include travel, accommodation and a daily per diem designed to provide for an allowance for meals, and additional expenses.

The staffs of specialists come from all backgrounds and while education is important, work experience, especially in the fields of management, productivity, quality enhancement, energy efficiency, and sales, are of particular interest. The successful staff member has good analytical skills, exceptional interpersonal skills, a high level of written and numerical ability, as well as the desire and enthusiasm to produce results and succeed in a challenging, energetic, and rewarding environment.

This is a brief summary of some of the exciting careers available with IMPAC licensed companies. If you would like further information regarding the opportunities in your area, please click on the “Apply to an IMPAC licensed company” link at the top or bottom of this page. From that page you will be able to send your resume or CV to the IMPAC licensed company nearest you.

IMPAC licensed companies follow principles of equal opportunity and will not discriminate on any grounds, including age, sex, race, religion, color, sexual preference, national origin, ancestry, marital status, medical condition, physical disability, or veteran status.

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