What We Do

IMPAC specialists are implementers not consultants!

IMPAC® analyzes existing practices, then designs and installs the necessary improvements based upon IMPAC® productivity principles.

IMPAC® uses an integrated approach to supervisory management and point of execution control. IMPAC program implementation involves operational systems analyses, enhancements and augmentations. It employs proven and successful behavior and skills training interventions. In most cases, IMPAC® can guarantee results without capital expenditures!

Often, existing systems are not fully utilized by supervision and middle-level management.

Solutions to these problems are not to be found in software applications or expensive data-based systems. Although technical software or data-based solutions often appear to be the simple, easy answer, most of the time those solutions only serve to relieve mid-management of the responsibility of actually doing what they are paid to do. Data-based systems and software solutions involve not only expensive design costs but are also extremely expensive to maintain. In addition, and in most cases, data-based and/or software solutions take years to install and make operational and may never work at all.

IMPAC® focuses on making solutions happen at the point of execution! IMPAC® finds out why productivity isn’t as high as it should be and corrects the issues where they count most.

Very often the answer lies in line-level managers and supervisors using ineffective management practices. Very often, those line-managers are great technicians. but lack the skills to be effective managers of people.

This is a universal problem. IMPAC® licensee work, around the world, in over 60 different countries, assisting companies and organizations creating “point of execution” solutions and offering guaranteed results.