IMPAC® Specialists are not consultants, they are trained “implementers” of line-level management skills and systems.
Implementation of IMPAC® systems is done at the supervisory and mid management level, not in the Boardroom!  IMPAC® specialists receive extensive university level training not only in systems but in front line management skills and human behavior.   This allows them to “get done,” not write thick reports in leather bound books that no one reads…  It is all about “making it happen!” and “making it happen NOW!”

Only assignments involving implementation are accepted
The evolution of a system of management at the “point of execution” is a process, not a fixed formula. Not every manager advances at the same rate, not every supervisor accepts change immediately.  It takes time and the involvement of IMPAC Specialists to act as the change agents, coaches and mentors as well as the designers of the systems of management.  If it could have been internally, it would already have been.  Very often, it takes an objective third party, trained and skilled in management change, to overcome the internal inertia of “it won’t work here.”

A “guarantee” of performance is issued with each assignment
After an extensive analysis by the IMPAC® team, the Chief Analyst will determine the savings potential for the client and the guarantee associated with those savings.  Since implementation is a part of every assignment, a guarantee of performance is a practical way of assuring the client of results.

Only tested and proven technology is employed in the implementation of IMPAC® Systems
Millions, perhaps billions, have been spent on programs that don’t work, have been abandoned or are years behind in implementation.  One leading business publication calls it “fad surfing” by management – searching for the “magic bullet”  that will take them on the easy road to effortless management and great profits.  Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet and there is no easy road. There is no “ice cream and beer” diet plan that is going to cut your operating costs by 20% to 30%. There is a lot of hard work, reexamination of operating procedures, changing paradigms, training and, yes, some failing and revival in the process.  But that process used by IMPAC® is a time-tested, proven and effective way of managing assets to realize their fullest potential.

IMPAC® does not charge for the initial analysis
The IMPAC® analysis takes up to 3 calendar weeks to complete.  IMPAC does not charge for this analysis, although only serious clients are considered as candidates for such a study and there are conditions that must be agreed beforehand. The involvement of the client CEO is one of those conditions.

Savings to IMPAC® Clients usually reach 250% of their investment within one year of completion of the project.
Actual reported average savings range from 220% to 300% as evidenced in client testimonials.

Most projects deliver a 70% return during implementation alone.
Depending upon the results of the analysis, recovery of 70% to 80% of cost during the project phase is not unusual.  In most cases, savings begin in the first quarter of the project and continue throughout.  Savings are measurable and tangible, based on a mutually agreed formula.

All IMPAC® Specialists participate in continuing education programs.
All IMPAC® specialists are involved in distance learning programs throughout their careers.  Many have MBAs or are MBA candidates.

Extensive follow up, training of client personnel and on-site visits are conducted to assure perpetuation of installed programs.
All IMPAC installations involve detailed training of client supervision and management, the selection of at least one client-employed IMPAC® Coordinator and the establishment of an online real-time communications link with optional quarterly follow-up following complete installation of the program.