About Us

Who We Are

Clients in over 60 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, utilize IMPAC® Systems to provide hands-on implementation of significant cost reduction/productivity improvement efforts. Unlike the “fad surfing” approach of running from one so called management solution to another, IMPAC® provides a proven, time-tested implementation process with a firm track record of success in virtually every industry and sector of public life.

What We Do

IMPAC specialists are implementers not consultants!

IMPAC® analyzes existing practices, then designs and installs the necessary improvements based upon IMPAC® productivity principles.

IMPAC® uses an integrated approach to supervisory management and point of execution control. IMPAC program implementation involves operational systems analyses, enhancements and augmentations. It employs proven and successful behavior and skills training interventions. In most cases, IMPAC® can guarantee results without capital expenditures!

Why We Do It

In 40 years of experience working with line level supervision and management, we find most people want to do a fair day’s work.

Their results are often less than satisfactory due to problems encountered which have limited means of solving themselves. In part, this is because there is often no distinction between the “management system” of an organization and the “system of managing.”


IMPAC® Specialists are not consultants, they are trained “implementers” of line-level management skills and systems.
Implementation of IMPAC® systems is done at the supervisory and mid management level, not in the Boardroom!  IMPAC® specialists receive extensive university level training not only in systems but in front line management skills and human behavior.   This allows them to “get done,” not write thick reports in leather bound books that no one reads…  It is all about “making it happen!” and “making it happen NOW!”