Literary Award

 Back in mid 1990s, IMPAC did a survey of the worldwide IMPAC team on their likes and dislikes, what they enjoyed doing, and so forth. One of the major elements coming from that survey was a love of reading. Integrated Control Systems Inc. a Florida corporation, then Chairman, Dr. James B. Irwin, Sr., was meeting with the Lord Mayor of Dublin Alderman Gay Mitchell. In the course of their conversations, this love of reading came up, and so was born THE INTERNATIONAL IMPAC DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD©

Please click on the awards site below for more detailed information about the world’s largest prize for single work of fiction in the English language. In addition to being the world’s largest prize, its prestige has grown over the last decade. One of the unique aspects of the award is that all works that are to considered must be nominated by Libraries in each capital city of the world.

Below you can see the previous winners of this prestigious award.

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